Penalty interest and helicopter money German rehearse uprising against ECB

With penalty interest the ECB fights allegedly against deflation, even threatens the helicopter money. But there is no threat of deflation, saying Germany’s economy. Now think bankers and politicians of all trenches over how the fatal Gespensterjagd can be terminated. Targeted financial help to businesses and consumers directly from the central bank – bypassing the normal banking sector? ECB President Mario Draghi called the concept of helicopter money as a “very interesting”. The Council of the central bank have discussed such ideas not yet accurate, Draghi presented simultaneously clear.

But in Germany already makes the mere mind game for horror. “In science you can think anything, since there is no taboo. But this debate has indeed reached the public space. I think this is a total mental confusion “, criticized the former chief economist of the European Central Bank (ECB), Otmar Issing. “Bankrupt of monetary policy” “The whole idea of ​​the helicopter money I think is worrying for downright devastating. For this is nothing more than a declaration of bankruptcy of the monetary policy, “said Issing on. “A central bank, has presented the money will hardly be able to regain control of the printing press.” Even Germany’s economy will see the development with concern – and warn strongly: “The loose monetary policy can have significant side effects,” said Isabel Schnabel, Member of the Advisory Council, last week in Frankfurt.

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Draghi and his people would put the profitability of the banks under increasing pressure and also reduce the pressure for reform in Europe, so its beak on. “The ECB has responded much more strongly than in the past, that’s justification worthy” added beak colleague Volker Wieland. Even the rather left economy Peter Bofinger considers the recent easing of “no longer necessary”. He had defended the loose monetary policy last. But now there is a risk that the ECB shall overlay.

Even Wolfgang Schäuble sees itself now forced to mingle in the debate – and he also criticizes the ECB. Your monetary policy stelle “banking supervision and financial regulation completely new challenges,” warned the CDU politician, though he actually holds back with advice to the ECB. He was eventually “well behaved”, stressed the Minister of Finance this week. FDP leader Christian Lindner called on the government on the other hand, Draghi to rein in. “I agree with the critical position of Bundesbank President Weidmann. Him should the federal government aggressively strengthen the back, “Lindner told the” Welt am Sonntag “(” WamS “).

Weidmann had the mind games Draghi criticized harshly. “Whether and how money is given away to citizens, is a highly political decision, would make governments and parliaments,” he said. The ECB had to a mandate, not least because this would entail a massive redistribution. “That would be nothing but the complete mixing of monetary policy and fiscal policy and the central bank independence incompatible “criticized Weidmann. That German bankers and politicians appear suddenly unfamiliar agree something is saying. The strange thing is the way that the risk of deflation – does not exist, according to economic experts – thus a spiral of falling prices that can choke off the economy. So what is the real reason for the rate of the ECB?
National interests dominate the ECB

“The problem is that national considerations play a role, where they should play no role,” Issing told the “world”. The moment in which the ECB will decide which country they buy as many government bonds, monetary policy will politicized, so Issing on. Only when the ECB to return to a conventional monetary policy, the problem was defused. However’d already made mistakes in the personnel policy: Governments would appoint such people in leadership positions, “of which they expect good behavior,” said Issing’s successor as chief economist of the ECB, Jürgen Stark, the newspaper. “But just as you would have stringent and uncompromising to be,” says Stark. But how could that be possible? The outgoing Ifo President Hans-Werner Sinn is intended as Lindner to the federal government: “Since the protests of the Bundesbank does not help, Germany should require a change in the Maastricht Treaty.”

Specifically encourages sense that Berlin’s commitment to a change in the voting rules in the Governing Council. There Germany has only one vote – as each euro member. Because a rotation principle applies since 2015 the Federal Reserve Chairman must back and even suspend completely again. “It can not be that Germany has so much to say as the largest economy in the euro zone as Malta” criticizes sense.
“If there are no independent experts” Support receives sense of economic policymakers of the Union and the SPD. “We must learn from the euro crisis the conclusion that there is just no independent experts who sit in the Governing Council. Then you have to respond with new decision rules about different voting weights, “citing the” world “the head of the CDU Mittelstandsvereinigung, Carsten Linnemann.

“The largest economy in the euro area, which is also the lifeline of the common currency with their credit needs, to participate in accordance with its economic weight in all the votes,” thus says Wolfgang Steiger, general secretary of the CDU Economic Council. The “old, established procedures” is no longer employable. “Wrong, now to change the mandate of the ECB” In the SPD to adopt more cautious, however, agrees in principle. In the present situation, it does not make sense to negotiate new voting rules, said SPD budget expert Johannes Kahrs the “world”. However, things are different, “when the institutions and players concerned are relaxed and not be in the middle of crisis management”.

However, opposition comes precisely from Germany’s economic ways. It would be “wrong, at this stage the ECB’s mandate to change”, Isabel Schnabel said the “world”. Because that would damage the credibility of the ECB. A change of voting “for example, by a shift in voting weights”, they think anyway “not effective” for Schnabel further and Issing dismisses. “even if Mr. Weidmann had the triple voting rights, would change little,” he says. “Helicopter money would mean a break with the system” Michael Heise, chief economist of Allianz, sees only action if the ECB exceeds its mandate. but when using helicopters money that was indeed the case, because that “would mean a break with the system,” Heise said the “world”. “Then it would be legitimate and urgent that politics exerts pressure.”

First images devastating conflagration in poultry producer Wiesenhof

In the poultry producer Wiesenhof in Lohne in Vechta on Monday afternoon a fire has broken out. Pictures show the devastating fire. A huge column of black smoke already be seen kilometers away.
“At present the situation is totally unmanageable. We know that there is a fire in the filleting and carton stock, “said a police spokesman. In addition, it should have given thuds or smaller explosions. “The flames are spreading. The location is quite chaotic. »Residents to keep doors and windows closed.
On Saturday ammonia alarm was triggered in a production hall. According to police, then the need to vacate the hall. Whether there is a connection between the events is not known.

Fast driving, illegal parking, alcohol: Abroad threaten severe penalties

Leisure and business travelers beware! In many European countries, fines for speeding, illegal parking and drunk driving are significantly higher than in Germany. As the ADAC announced in Munich on Monday, Norway imposed the highest fine phrases, followed by Sweden and Italy. Who lowered 20 kilometers per hour too fast, must be at least 420 euros, in Sweden 270 euros and paid in Italy 170 euros fine in Norway.

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Particularly expensive according to the ADAC driving under the influence of alcohol. In Norway may be imposed from 0.2 per thousand to a fine of 600 euros or more. Prison threatened with alcohol rides among others in Sweden (from 1.0 per thousand) and in Spain (from 1.2 per thousand). High fines for threatening phone while driving without a hands-free kit. Here the Netherlands lead (230 euros), Denmark (200 Euro) and Italy (160 Euro) the ranking. Illegal parking will cost 90 euros each in the Netherlands and Norway.

The ADAC points out that high discounts are given for example in Italy and Spain with immediate payment of the fines. For traffic offenses abroad, there is also no point in Flensburg. A pronounced by a foreign authority ban has the report referred to in Germany no effect.

Menderes makes in flat with compulsive hoarding charm Ortega wins

Having already Thorsten Legat, Ricky Harris, Jürgen Milski and Sophia Wollersheim presented in the first edition of “Jungle specials” her impressive cooking skills to the test, was on Easter Sunday, the king himself the honor. Together with “Top Model” Nathalie people, popular figure Helena Prince and Intelligenzbestie David Ortega jungle king Menderes Bagci delivered a fierce battle for the best menu and the illustrious intellect (both went at the end of the side dishes bread). For those who have switched over for fear of mental overwork by the wisdom of David Ortega in between the crime scene, here again all cooking performances at a glance. Befitting receives King Menderes his subjects in a magnificent 1-bedroom apartment with fine messie charm. A kitchen there seems so far not to give, but a dedicated host can not stop such trifles. In no time, and with a lot of “Come on” and “Never give up” the Ikea table are assembled and placed the mobile rings, and the chef magic can begin.

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For starters Menderes guests are first an ordinary sandwich. Their preparation made in advance unfortunately for a bloody incident in cutting the tomatoes, the Handyman Mendi but knew doctoring professionally using Zewa and parcel tape. The following is a main course of potato, broccoli and canned tomatoes, which could compete with any Mecklenburg Youth, and for dessert a lovingly mashed banana, gourmets David Ortega immediately knows to appoint expert: “This tastes like that is of the Babys..wie the? porridge! ” And Mash finds David super what Menderes introduces its first 8 points. Nathalie and Helena awarded after all, a 7 and a 6, bringing the Jungle King solid 21 presents 30 possible points.

Instead of such Menderes to tinker own kitchen, David Ortega used the dear friend and keeps improve the practicability equal all his dinner in his apartment from. However, this does not detract from its qualities as a host. And so David conjures nimble as Jamie Oliver himself a traditional Spanish menu on the plates of his enthusiastic guests – classic catalan flavored with ketchup and Miracoli spice.

For dessert there is a delicious soy milk soup with berries and chia seed deposit, which is served as a special eye-candy in a hollowed pineapple. Just awesome! The find also other blackheads and distribute each lush 9 points, David Ortega but actually brings the guide. And you have to honestly say that we had imagined it even worse!

On the third evening Nathalie invites to Soltau into the Volk’sche family residence. As a special treat waiting there a “of apparatus” of vodka and lychee juice and for some unknown reason specially delivered from Jungle collaborator Jenny Elvers napkins selection to the guests. As if that were not enough, Nathalie brings with her main course of rice and beans then even a good portion of Jungle nostalgia on the plate. For themselves and Kuschel-mate David there exists a beef, vegetarian and vegans Helena Menderes must make do with the side dishes. But that, after all, also worked in the jungle!
While Menderes very pleased with the high-fiber diet, Helena is rather piqued at the lack of vegetarian cooking creativity. Even the vegan tiramisu with soy curd it can not soften up because “soy makes you stupid and causes cancer.” This unfortunately makes only 6 points of the princess of darkness – with 9 of Menderes and David reached Nathalie but still decent 24 points. The best is well known, in the end, and so Vox has not let it naturally assume that cozy home from riot-Garant Helena Fürst as a venue for the final dinner showdown select. And since it goes as expected and again right around. While David and Nathalie while away with intense footsie under the table the time Menderes decorated around a bit and pulls so once the prince variable wrath. As a guest you are finally not here to have fun!

Despite fanatically defended table decoration can not completely convince Helena dinner at the end. Your pasta in mushroom sauce dissolves in David latent panics from (he is afraid to choke on the cream) and also the extra flown from Botox Boy Florian Sachertorte can rip out only slightly. So it remains at 22 points (4 of Nathalie, each 9 by David and Menderes) for Helena, and the victory goes to David Ortega and his Spanish Miracoli menu. And as a spectator one is after this marathon of head shaking almost a little relieved that the jungle camp comes only once a year.

Now it gets serious for Heike Makatsch The Special episode of Freiburg

Heike Makatsch solve their first case. As new “Tatort” -Kommissarin they found in Freiburg. In Germany’s most southern city, the 44-year-old is chasing a pregnant Commissioner Ellen Berlinger a murderer – and are thus its debut in the ARD crime series. For the actress and also the transmitter is a test. The initial plan is only a consequence. Posted she is as “Crime Scene” special on Easter Monday (March 28), 20.15 in the ARD. Turn a sufficient audience, there might be a sequel.

“Five minutes Heaven”

“It is a case settled in a precarious environment,” says Makatsch for her first “scene”. The 90-minute long film, which was shot last summer in Freiburg, entitled “Five minutes sky”. The employees of a job center was murdered, strangled with a cable tie.

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The case is puzzling. And leading the new Commissioner through the city on the Black Forest. It’s a reunion 14 years she worked as a special investigator of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) in London, now she first returns to her hometown. And there met her past – including in the form of 15-year-old daughter that she left behind after the birth with their mother and the never since had contact.
Gesellschaftliche- and social conflicts are subject

Makatsch plays in “Tatort” a Commissioner with hard to durchschauendem character who is traveling as a loner – tough on the job, in private the opposite. The actress characterizes this film which is in addition to the criminal case, the character of Ellen Berlinger with personal problems and conflicts in the center.

Social and social conflicts are the theme. But occasionally, the film loses in details and secondary lines, the actual criminal case gets so easy to lose sight – and leaves the viewer question mark. Not only because the language in the “scene” of the Baden city sounds Swabian.
Film shows dark side of the Freiburg-Idylls

The new “scene” but resists the temptation to succumb to the famous Freiburg-Idyll. The case shows dark side and could play so well in any other big city. Although this is an event “Tatort”, it has become a classic thriller. Unlike about Hoku Ho and Christian Ulmen in Weimar that are in irregular intervals with “Tatort” -Specials holidays unconventional way and also rely on humor, Makatsch brings a conventional detective story to the screen.
“We all hope that it will be continued,”

Directed by Katrin in Freiburg Gebbe. Following her acclaimed feature debut “Tore Dances” is her first “scene”. Premiere has also Max Thommes. He is the assistant of the investigator. And plays unusual in “Tatort”, a commissioner in a wheelchair.

“We hope all that it will be continued,” says Katrin Gebbe. “The roles and stories are designed so that they have to be no fluke. It would be worth it to continue.” The Freiburg- for “Tatort” responsible Südwestrundfunk (SWR) will decide whether and how to proceed with the new investigator after the broadcast of the first Makatsch Falls.
Continued in another city

For use, however, the Commissioner would apply in a sequel probably in another city, says SWR telefilm boss Martina Zöllner. Because the venue of the premiere film is now occupied: After From the “Tatort” from Lake Constance Freiburg is starting next year regular location of the crime series.

The family epic “Legends of the Fall” was one of his biggest successes. Now the US author Jim Harrison is dead.

The American writer Jim Harrison, who for the film “Legends Of The Fall” returned the original book, is dead. The poet and author died Saturday at his winter home in the US state of Arizona, as his publishing house Grove Atlantic the CNN announced on Sunday. Harrison was 78 years old.

The author of some 40 works often made the American wilderness to setting his stories. He was an avid hunter, fisherman and hikers. Among his best known novels include the epic “Legends of the Fall”, which tells the story of a family in Montana. Mid-1990s, it came under the title “Legends of the Fall” in German cinemas.

The film was the breakthrough for the actor Brad Pitt, who played one of three sons on a farm shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. Anthony Hopkins starred in the role of father.

Harrison was also co-author of the script for the revenge drama “Revenge – A dangerous affair”, the 1990 film starring Kevin Costner and Anthony Quinn. Four years later, he worked on the script for the movie “Wolf – The animal in man” with Jack Nicholson.

His other book credits include “Dalva”, “Julip”, “True North” and the dark father-son drama “guilt. More recently, in March this year, his novel “The Ancient Minstrel” was published in the US from the publisher Grove Atlantic.

Intimate Interview with Andrea Berg what is no longer so important

Experience the world of celebrities up close: From Actor to of royal nobility of singers to professional athletes. FOCUS Online presents the latest news and exclusive stories from the world of the stars in the ticker. Justin Bieber has done it again: On Instagram, the singer shared a photo of himself, showing him stark naked. The snapshot was taken at a lake, revealing again the bare ass of teen stars. He cannot help it: Again, the pop star Justin Bieber (22) shared on his official Instagram account a piquant picture of yourself. The snapshot shows the musicians standing on a deserted lake. The special feature is that Bieber is the view of his bare body free – the bare bottom again included.

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Where exactly the photo was taken, is not yet clearly understood. However, he posted more pictures of that show him in a deserted area. Among other things, as he wrapped up in the open air in blankets sleeping. Apparently Justin Bieber is currently taking a break from the city bustle in a stunning and unspoilt landscape. His fans are celebrating in such posts with security.

Intimate Interview: For Andrea Berg Sex is no longer so important

15:58: The pop star Andrea Berg (50) speaks in an interview with the Swiss magazine “SonntagsBlick” open about her love life and her taste in men. Sex was her namely not so terribly important: “Move Over the years, the priorities but a little.” Nevertheless, her age was a “great thing”. “I do not want to be another 20,” said Berg. All the love crises, divorce, the uncertainty: “I’m glad that everything is behind me.”

Nevertheless, she would even now be sexy, it was an attitude, a mentality, it does not matter how old. “If I feel like I’m going with 70 still wearing miniskirts. That I let nobody forbid, “said Berg. Love is also for them the only true source of energy. Life revolves not about power and money, but for love. “It sometimes takes strange detours, but can never be deceived or manipulated,” Berg continues. “If it makes boom, which can prevent any power in the world.”

With her taste in men, the successful singer and producer has a clear focus: “I like manly men who can make fire, who do not need more time in the bathroom than I do.” A man must be a guy who is not afraid to stand up for me to beat sometimes, if need be. I enjoy watching younger men who “do not have this Pfaurad on his back, who think they are irresistible, but in fact can not even change a spark plug.” That she found cute.

The author of nearly 40 works often made the American wilderness to setting his stories. He was an avid hunter, fisherman and hikers. Among his best known novels include the family epic “Legends of the Fall”, which arrived in the German cinema under the title “Legends of the Fall” the mid-1990s. It was a breakthrough for the actor Brad Pitt, who played one of three sons on a farm in rural Montana shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. Anthony Hopkins starred in the role of father.

Harrison co-wrote the screenplay for the revenge drama “Revenge – A dangerous affair”, the 1990 film starring Kevin Costner and Anthony Quinn. Four years later, he worked on the script for the movie “Wolf – The animal in man” with Jack Nicholson. His other book credits include “Dalva”, “Julip”, “True North” and the dark father-son drama “guilt”.

#SadAffleck: So sad Ben Affleck responded to the negative film reviews

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” can be seen since March 24 in theaters – and the reviews for the superhero epic fall out mixed. Many film critics have the strip literally ripped through the air. The actors have stressed since the theatrical release that fans decide the success. But really cold seems the negative review shaft at least one not to be: Batman actor Ben Affleck. It circulated a new video on the net, the very thoughtful and sad shows the actor when he is asked about the bad reviews.

Among all diet trends Clean Eating is the most basic concept

Clean it should be, the food. Not industrially processed and full of additives. Dear cook yourself – with plenty of fruit, salad, vegetables and whole grains. This is the core idea of ​​Clean Eating. Who takes a look at the good old food pyramid, notes: Really new is not that. But the concept comes from the United States, it’s hip and fits into the lifestyle of young people who renounce the German home cooking for a long time. You want to be fit and healthy. “Primarily, it’s the clean diet style focus is to provide the body permanently with natural vital nutrients, and not with empty calories,” says Christina Wiedemann, author of Clean Eating Cookbook. But the food should preferably wholesome and slightly processed on the table.

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Raw food, but also the gentle preparation of food with high-quality fats play a role. Refined sugar, white flour, fast food and industrially produced foodstuffs are deleted. In addition, one should drink plenty of fluids. “It is best to drink water or sparkling. Unsweetened teas also contribute to hydration, as well as coffee, but in moderation,” said Wiedemann. In addition to the clean diet also included movement and a generally healthy lifestyle now.

Wholefood in modern garb

Basically Clean Eating is “whole food nutrition in modern garb,” says nutritionist Kathi Dittrich by the Association for Independent Health counseling (UGB). If this trend causes young people in particular to deal with the issue of healthy eating, which is a positive effect. The concept could be to “healthy, balanced diet and without shortcomings,” confirms Daniel King from the University of Freiburg. That Clean Eating for headaches helps or improves the complexion, as some claim, however, is not scientifically proven, Dittrich limits. So you should not expect too much.

Many make their diet in order to Clean Eating, because they want to lose weight. The functioning quite well without the hassle of counting calories and starving, confirmed nutritionist King. The high-fiber diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and whole grains makes quickly fed up with relatively few calories. In addition, if omitted the added sugars and fats from finished products, you automatically take fewer calories. The portion size can be controlled individually in self cooking. “Precooked enter the serving size before,” says King. And so there was a danger that one eats what is there.

Gradually acclimatise to the new diet

Who wants to change his lifestyle to Clean Eating, should clean up once, advises Wiedemann. “Release your pantry of highly processed foods.” In addition, one should look at the list of ingredients, advises the author. “It concerns the longer the list of ingredients, the more processed the food and the less valuable nutrients it contains.”

Dittrich recommended to start with the omission so: emphasize only sugar and white flour from the diet and then gradually incorporate more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the diet. Thus, the body can get used to the fiber-rich food, and it has not come to indigestion. It is important, according to Wiedemann, to start the day with a breakfast and clean total to take up to five small meals a day to be. “Come no hunger, and the blood sugar level remains constant.”

As breakfast proposes Wiedemann Overnight Oats – these are overnight in milk or vegetable milk soaked cereal flakes – before. Those who like hearty, for example, can choose a smoked salmon and avocado dill spread, which goes well with homemade spelled and rye bread. Wiedemann estimates on the clean diet that they “very straightforward” and that’ll be easily integrated into everyday life. And perhaps it is this relaxed approach that fits well in today’s lifestyle.

Macarons lit in raspberry pink, lemon yellow or pistachio green, are crispy outside and soft inside, with a filling, the fruity, creamy times melts in the mouth times. How little jewels are wrapped in tissue paper and put in boxes noble the circular specialties of the French company Ladurée. Ladurée is like a couture house out, transfigured the pastry into a luxury item. So it became the ambassadors of French savoir-vivre, although it does not yet exist, the macarons so long. Your ascent they owe mainly Ladurée boss David Holder and filmmaker Sofia Coppola. They draped in “Marie Antoinette” the queen in pyramids of colorful pastries – and made it hipsterkompatibel so.

David Holder had in a small tea room with adjoining patisserie in the Rue Royale met while studying in 1985 once a week with his parents, who operated in the fourth generation bakeries. The colorful macarons there existed only in four varieties, the owners wanted to sell for reasons of age the store. The parents took over, Holder wrote a business plan. Today there are branches all over the world, every good pastry in France offers its own macarons, they exist even at McDonald’s (produced in a factory owned Holders parents). In Hamburg there are long Factories, such as Jö macaroons in Friedensallee. But when I fly to Hamburg, I always have a box of originals here – at the airport in Paris has opened a branch Holder.

Natural Bodybuilding A painful experience and training tips

Only cold. Then an eerie warmth that runs through my body. I hardly dare to look down on my finger. Tock. Tock. Tock. The Heat now gives way to a pulsating pain, the second by second is stronger. Intuitively I leave the barbell and my grip aids and make my fast my way past the other machines and weights in the washroom of the gym. The water in the sink turns red. Only after an eternity the cold water soothes the pain and gives me free look at my little finger of the right hand. Does not look good, I think, while mild nausea and dizziness get the better. Symptoms that remind me of my double rib fracture the lone course the Bundeswehr. That was 2001. Next Made I still – looking back irresponsible for me. Still, I have successfully completed. Helps me warmly but in this particular, new situation slightly.

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What happened? It is the first training session of my preparation for the German Championships in natural bodybuilding. Shoulder training. Last sentence. Neck press with the barbell. A little carelessness. The weight lands at the last repeat exactly on my hand. 60 kg in total. 20 years training. Nothing is ever happened to me. And now this! Large open comminuted fracture of the right small finger. That can not be true, I think, while the doctors in the emergency room patched up his finger. Is this the end of the preparation for the German Championship (Natural bodybuilding)? No never. Stubbornness against the doctors, great will and a special glove allow me that I train only two days later. What does such an exercise but actually from and how does it differ from other units possibly?

Tips for your training schedule

Your personal roadmap is a sophisticated training plan that is individual and varied. You should develop a routine one hand, but on the other hand also set new stimuli regularly. The balance between stress and recovery is the key to success.

Outside the competition season three to four workouts per week
Each training session between 70 and 90 minutes
Proposal: a large and a small muscle group in a workout workout, preferably agonist and antagonist – player and opponent muscle. Quiet also unconventional: the back and triceps together. Chest and biceps. Shoulders and calves
devoting an entire workout of leg muscles
Training with abdominal muscle and core exercises begin. Why? They are often forgotten or somehow usually done at the end. This area of ​​your body you are but the necessary stability
In general: Always put the exercises at the beginning, which does not make you supposedly so much fun
Work especially on your weaknesses.

Basic rules for strength endurance training

Maximum strength and endurance workouts alternate effectively during the training throughout the year from. A rule of thumb for the construction and resistance training applies:

Four different exercises per muscle group to be trained large (chest, back, legs), each with three sets of six to eight reps
Smaller muscle groups (biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves) require three different exercises in three sets
Set pause for about 90 seconds

The strength workout, you should add approximately every twelve weeks your training. Other stress, other stimuli. Basic rules are here:

Three different exercises per muscle group
Three sets, each with 15 to 20 repetitions
Set break 60 seconds.

You can also install so-called super sets here. This means to combine without a break, for example, bench press and bicep curls or chin-ups and dips in a set. meet four weeks before you then re-entering the building workout. Very thick and thinner muscle fibers are hereby required systematically and alternately and give you the necessary, mature form of muscles.

You want to prepare for a competition?

If you wish to participate in a contest, get the above types of training of particular importance. A standard rule for a successful competition training does not exist. but you should be at least one year to take time for an optimal preparation, better a little more. Give yourself and your body the necessary time to the training stimuli not only to implement but also to adapt.

In this sense it is necessary to increase the power in the training sessions and the quality of the athletes body successively. The number of units can be increased to five to six per week – coupled with an endurance program that week can undertake strength training after twice to keep the metabolic activity above. This further promotes the breakdown of fat mass and makes your muscles look more defined and harder appear. but always general: Make it with fun and passion. Does not fit anything, do not give up, first change the path to the goal.

The preparations have paid off

My little left finger looks way today so out as if nothing ever happened to him. And my preparation was ultimately successful. Through Bronze at the German championships end of 2014 I qualified for a week later held World Cup in the United States and took there a significant for me sixth place.

Trophies and medals are a great confirmation, but instructive getting there was. I have learned through the intense training and hard contest diet again a lot about myself. I learn in every training session, with any exercise on a new, as I am convinced that you can learn out never. Whether generally during sports, at work or in life. The goal remains. But each day, each unit is different. Regardless of where you come from, and anywhere you want. Stay strong!


Why the Mazda MX-5 is the best car in the world

Okay, we’re in America, and because journalists are often not as cool and reserved as in Europe. But the jubilation surprised yet. Far more than polite applause there, the Mazda MX-5 accompanied, as it is clear that he has brought the design competition at the World Car of the Year (WCOTY), even before the very handsome Jaguar XE is. But this applause was that it will turn out a little later, just a skirmish. I am for some years a member of the jury which elects the World Car of the Year every year. 73 journalists from 23 countries, we are, and in contrast to – added – better known and improved coarse title Car of the Year award is considered our not only for Europe but indeed for the whole world. Therefore also agree North, Central and South American, Chinese, Australian, Japanese, Indians, Koreans and Africans from.

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In one room of the Javits Center, where every year the New York International Auto Show will be held, are to all five categories of the prize, the three finalists, at the top of the stage are – for the World Car of the Year – Audi A4, Mercedes GLC and Mazda MX. 5 Even these top three would have been impossible in the European car of the year, here actually managed almost always the reason of southern Europeans, often come through their voting weight bread-and-butter cars all the way forward, as this year the Opel Astra.  With us from the WCOTY jury I especially Americans and Chinese suspected that she liked to vote in favor of cars that are a bit more. Therefore it does not surprise me that Audi and Mercedes have made it to the top. But the Mazda is an unusual choice, since he has the smallest audience of all, and usually always win on all car prices rounders.

It is just after half past ten in the morning, when jury president Peter Lyon opens the decisive envelope. Even he does not know who will win. The auditor KPMG get our points ratings sent and then keep under wraps until the decision is announced. Therefore no boards in WCOTY ceremony are usually present – would be too uncomfortable it if they had to acknowledge with a narrow smile the victory of a competitor. Peter Lyon pulls the paper out of the envelope and really looks out twice. Then he says: “Mazda MX-5”. And it breaks loose such jubilation, as I have never seen him in such events. The Mazda MX-5, a two-seater roadster, so is the best car in the world. That has something.

It is also very interesting to observe the Japanese present. Mazda has appeared in a very respectable team strength, it is the supreme head of design there (next to the MX-5 was also the CX-3 nominated for the Design Prize), the project leader of the MX-5, the North America CEO. And all do something you rarely at the otherwise restrained Japanese looks: cheer. They are omitted. They radiate, laughing, taking pictures, it is a relief. “We are so proud, we are so surprised!” Cries Nobuhiro Yamamoto, chief engineer for the MX. 5 And Ikuo Maeda, the head of design, tells me: “We have reshaped our design the brand and it has paid off that we make that good design also handicraft good quality..”

But what they most emotional, not to say the Mazda manager, to they are then too polite. But it is clear: Finally, finally they have shown the great times. Mazda is in the circle of the car makes almost a medium-sized company, in any case does not hold a global corporation a protective hand over the Japanese. And of course, the victory of the MX-5 is also a statement of the jury. We all talk about the trends of the future, over the autonomous driving, over assistance systems to the hilt, electric drive and networking. And then because such a small, lightweight stroller, a roofless, with rear-wheel drive, a maximum of 160 hp, a modern classic for relatively little money. And we are weak. We all have the same: Yes, it would actually be driving.

I suspect in any case that some judge the requirements of the evaluation form, where it indeed comes to engine power, safety, environment and use of space, must have interpreted quite personally to allow the victory of Mazda. After all: “Emotional Appeal” is also a category, and there was the MX-5 can not beat. Mazda Roadster can. This has provided the Japanese brand since submitted 1989 MX-5 impressively demonstrated. More than one million copies of the MX-5 have been sold so far. Since autumn 2015, the fourth generation is on the market.

Mazda Roadster can. This has provided the Japanese brand since submitted 1989 MX-5 impressively demonstrated. More than one million copies of the MX-5 have been sold so far. Since autumn 2015, the fourth generation is on the market. Whether the board members of the defeated favorites are saddened or even angry if they might doubt our expertise, I do not know. I advocate that they take it sporty.

And although I myself did not forward the Mazda, but the Audi A4, I am pleased with the victory of this unconventional car. Also because in 1989 presented original MX-5, the first car was, about which I wrote a story. 35 slender lines in “Picture”.

And in this brevity now the winners of the other categories at a glance: World Green Car was the Toyota Mirai fuel cell powered ahead of Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Volt. For me, the VW Passat GTE has triumphed, because plug-in hybrid cars far more CO2 reduction potential than the very few fuel cell vehicles. But VW is obviously difficult at present. CJ Wilson (35) is actually a very successful professional baseball. He plays as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. But although he still has a two-year contract, he is already working on his second career.

World Design Car: Mazda MX-5 before Jaguar XE and Mazda CX-third World Luxury Car: BMW 7 before Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7. World Sports Car: Audi R8 before Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe and Honda Civic Type R. After the award ceremony I again went to Mazda booth. There now the Japanese managers were also arrived and photographed continues mutually – before exhibited MX-5 RF, which comes as a Targa and the MX-5 concept gives a whole new, very attractive phrase. Strangely, however, the car stood in gray finish against a black wall, as the Mazda-makers had imposed before the show restraint.

Motorcycle kills Belgian professional cyclist in the race

Tragically incident when cycling classic Gent-Wevelgem: The Belgian professional Antoine DEMOITIÉ crashed, then seized him an escort motorcycle. It was the second terrible incident within two days.

The Belgian cyclist Antoine DEMOITIÉ has ​​died of his serious injuries he had suffered during the classic Gent-Wevelgem. The 25 year old from Team Wanty-Groupe Gobert died at night on Monday at a hospital in Lille / France. He was captured after a fall from a motorcycle escort.

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“The driver died. We have initiated an investigation to clarify the exact circumstances,” confirmed Frederic Evrard, spokesman for the police department in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais. The team had previously confirmed DEMOITIÉ was in a “serious” condition, his wife and family are with him.

DEMOITIÉ was approximately 150 kilometers of the 242.8 km long race came with four other drivers in Sainte-Marie-Cappel to case. According to the French sports newspaper “L’Equipe” reported eyewitnesses that DEMOITIÉ had not yet risen to the fall, when the motorcycle hit him.

The Team Wanty-Groupe announced an opinion for Monday. The homepage of the racing team was out of reach in the morning. The former Belgian champion Jens Debusschere was taken to hospital after a fall. As his team Lotto-Soudal confirmed the 26-year-old suffered a concussion.

Belgian cycling was overshadowed only on Saturday of a medical emergency. When Critérium International in Corsica, the 22-year-old Daan Myngheer suffered from Team Roubaix ML during the first half stage around Porto-Vecchio a heart attack and had to be flown by helicopter to a hospital in Ajaccio. There he spent the Sunday. Myngheer had to be artificially ventilated and was not conscious. “His vitals are fine, but he is not yet awakened again,” quoted the AFP a teammate of the Belgian.

Goalkeeper Iker Casillas cracks the European record

European champion Spain is not in EM form. The 0: 0 in Romania was a conceivable tired appearance. Nevertheless, there were on the edge is an interesting story. Iker Casillas has set a new record. Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas has set icon with his 166th international match the European record of Latvians Vitalijs Astafjevs.

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The 34-year-old world and European champions played on Easter Sunday when tired 0: 0 against hosts Romania from the beginning, had its debut Casillas celebrated in June 2000 against Sweden. The Spanish Federation and the Uefa confirmed the record.

This could Casillas but reach only because of a statistic error. To the exact number of Astafjevs’ inserts were namely long confusion. The Latvian Association takes the now 44-year-old with 167 internationals 1992-2010. However Underneath, one with Latvia senior team against the German U21 in 2006 – this is not recognized by Uefa.

Casillas is proud of its performance

“I have seen good and bad times, but I would rather remember only the good,” mused Casillas, who still enjoys the confidence of coach Vicente del Bosque. This put the Porto-keeper in a seven out of ten European Championship qualifiers. Not for nothing is the captain Casillas Seleccion: “Of course me, the number of 166 internationals makes us proud and of course the fact that I am one with the most appearances in Europe.” Worldwide record player is the Egyptian Ahmed Hassan with 184 appearances. In order to overtake him, would Casillas ( “The time of my Rücktritta fast approaching”) So after the European Championship in the summer to continue his career in France. In Europe it sits an Italian neck.