All of America is wondering about the Obama daughters

The images of the arrival of Obama in Cuba were barely two days old because the dress was sold out. Sasha, 14, Barack Obama’s youngest daughter, had worn it, a black knit dress Releases Shoshanna, as reported for the same $ 385. The sneakers, carrying the two Obama daughters on a tour of Old Havana, enthusiastic fashion critics testified she not only of casual chic, but are also delightfully practical and pragmatic. Typical Obama precisely.

Benevolence, with Sasha and Malia Obama’s appearances was persecuted in Cuba during historic visit was significant. For just the excitement about the participation of the two at their first state dinner in early March had subsided in honor of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Furthermore, as “gorgeous” and “adorable” the two seemed, especially flirting with actor and heartthrob Ryan Reynolds. And the fact that it was in the robes of the girls to design pieces that cost around $ 20,000 each. The White House, which otherwise does not comment on matters relating to the sisters, could be exceptionally deign to deny the allegations that had been squandered for wardrobe tax money. What the First Lady and her daughters wore, the Obamas paid even if it was not affected by designers.

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The performances tell a lot about the relationship of Americans to their President’s family and vice versa. One could also say: Sasha and Malia are Barack Obama’s top bipartisan success. He was once taken up with the aim to adopt a pragmatic, unifying the country policy – and failed, even the Republican-dominated Senate. Regarding his daughters, however, the consensus is wide: Restrained but benevolent her adolescence was persecuted, its hearty, sympathetic way.

At the moment it is the country with Sasha and Malia, however much like her father at the State banquet: It has a lump in her throat. How big are the two become! Correct Women! Was it not only yesterday, as two cute little girl next to Barack Obama stood at his swearing in January 2009 and Natasha, 7, and Malia, 10, attracted the youngest children since the Kennedys in the White House?

“They grow up too fast,” Obama said in his speech, “Malia is soon to college – and now I have to swallow the same”. Even Justin Trudeau, himself a father of three children said, agitated: “I admire you both very much for your extraordinary strength and grace.” Thanks to their parents’ experience in the White House would “give strength and wisdom beyond your age for the rest of your life.” Them

It is also true in the US the unwritten law to let the children of the head of state at rest. The Americans, however, are also less interested in them than about Europe junior in his royal families – if only because the White House not automatically grow future president, but board members (Chelsea Clinton), newscasters (Jenna Bush), radio hosts (Ron Reagan) , politicians (Jack Carter), and other boring professionals. The reluctance to listen to but if behave America First students like normal American students and, for example, try to come up with fake IDs to alcohol, as once Jenna and her twin sister Barbara Bush in Texas.

The worst offense of Sasha and Malia has been the classic teenage protest of bored off the Wash Guckens when parents have time dragged back to a totally embarrassing event. At the traditional “turkey pardoning” ceremony, for example, when the President for Thanksgiving a turkey gives life, instead of sending it in the oven. In November 2015 Barack Obama had yet actually dared to ask the girls if they want to pet the bird. “No,” was Malia’s terse reply. The 17-year-old has perfected the deliberately disinterested gaze with which succeeds especially pretty girls, reverse the age conditions: “Embarrassing Kinderkram!” Said this look any activity for the adults present muster some enthusiasm – even if it is only ex officio.

And even the lack of interest is – as Sasha occasional yawn – usually entranced taken as proof of how wonderfully normal, the two are still remained. Only a certain Elizabeth Lauten, PR manager of a Republican Senator, wrote after that Thanksgiving an open letter to the sisters on Facebook: “Show style”, “you behave, as it would mean you something to be in the White House,” chided they would with a swipe at the parents who indeed showed little respect for the office and failing as role models. “Clothe yourself as someone who demands respect and not a seat at the bar. And now attracts no faces at public events that are televised.” A few days later Elizabeth Lauten took her hat.

The career of the reactionary demagogues Rush Limbaugh contrast (a kind of radio-Donald-Trump) had not harmed when he in 1992 in his radio program to make fun about the unfavorable appearance of the then twelve-year-old Chelsea Clinton and the family dog ​​”the cutest kid in White house “called.
“Mother of the Nation”: Michelle Obama has named a new meaning to
Photo: BLOOMBERG NEWS “Mother of the Nation”: Michelle Obama has named a new meaning to

With regard to the Obama daughters prevails everywhere downright melancholy. The increasing public appearances eventually also mark a farewell. Perhaps it is not only the more mature age, maybe the parents want to once again enjoy all the possibilities so close to the end of the presidential their children, offered by the Office President daughters.

For the past years have been strictly designed both to provide a so normal childhood as possible. Of course, the allepräsidialen parents say. But as good as these two hingekriegt the have long no more. What is mainly due to Michelle Obama, who has given a new meaning to the phrase “Mother of the Nation”. If one occurs as Michelle Obama and looks like Michelle Obama, then lost the title each Trutschigkeit, everything Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan-like.

It is the prime example of the modern reconciling family and career – because the lawyer has chosen her second profession wise. After the election Barack as president she had a sense “flipped a switch,” she said in an interview 2012. His job was the world and the financial crisis, “to make my transition to the White House for us as smooth as possible.”
Michelle Obama
“Go to college”
This rap song Michelle Obama is everything

All First Ladies put to employment, usually a social function. Nancy Reagan declared drug war, Hillary Clinton took the health insurance system to. Michelle Obama but took care of their children, but just at the national level. Basically everything they tackled – training opportunities for girls, sports and nutrition programs in the fight against childhood obesity – a by-product of their upbringing style home.

The Obamas are not just, they have always been what one might call the American version of the Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Family: Wealthy Biogemüseesser with strict pedagogical principles (until recently prevailed midweek screen and phone ban for the girls) high expectations for academic achievement and good behavior.

Not to mention the fact that since Eisenhower’s mother for the first time lives a bodily Granny in the White House. Michelle Obama’s mother Marian Shields Robinson helped even during the presidential campaign with childcare, and is loud Barack Obama an important reason that the girls “do not allow attitudes”.

Just the Obamas have stated that the family will remain after the presidential election in November for the time being in Washington, which is unusual for ex-presidents, the last one was Woodrow Wilson in 1924. The reason is, of course – Sasha. “A change of school in the middle of high school? That’s tough,” said the father.

That the country Sasha and Malia Obama brings to such great respect and respects their privacy, is also recalled that it was clear at the Obamas from the first moment: here not a perfect family is staged for the media, but here perforce granted a normal family a glimpse into the private sphere. As an outsider, you always feel like you disturb.
Malia and Sasha Obama
Malia and Sasha Obama steal the First Lady the show

Also therefore affect the usual “I’m-just-a-very-normal-father-husband-under-the-thumb-my wife” -Scherze, make the dignitaries like, when Barack Obama more credible. If only because he himself grew up without a father, he was careful to be with so many events and school conferences as possible here. It was already hard, he told in November in the journal “GQ” that his daughters have now reached the age at which he was no longer the coolest: “They love you, but they just do not have time for you.” He had by now friends with older children had assured him, “if you do not completely screw up it during the teen years, they get away with 23, 24 back and want to really hang out with you.”

And that meant no jokes as serious as those in which it comes to the love life of 17-year-old daughter, knowing all the fathers of 17-year-old daughters. If you want to keep this under control, the office of President is also very practical, Obama told the same interview. No, the eyes of a couple of guys had “not made happy” him. And yes, it is already practically, then to the Secret Service say: “Keep the time in mind.”