Among all diet trends Clean Eating is the most basic concept

Clean it should be, the food. Not industrially processed and full of additives. Dear cook yourself – with plenty of fruit, salad, vegetables and whole grains. This is the core idea of ​​Clean Eating. Who takes a look at the good old food pyramid, notes: Really new is not that. But the concept comes from the United States, it’s hip and fits into the lifestyle of young people who renounce the German home cooking for a long time. You want to be fit and healthy. “Primarily, it’s the clean diet style focus is to provide the body permanently with natural vital nutrients, and not with empty calories,” says Christina Wiedemann, author of Clean Eating Cookbook. But the food should preferably wholesome and slightly processed on the table.

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Raw food, but also the gentle preparation of food with high-quality fats play a role. Refined sugar, white flour, fast food and industrially produced foodstuffs are deleted. In addition, one should drink plenty of fluids. “It is best to drink water or sparkling. Unsweetened teas also contribute to hydration, as well as coffee, but in moderation,” said Wiedemann. In addition to the clean diet also included movement and a generally healthy lifestyle now.

Wholefood in modern garb

Basically Clean Eating is “whole food nutrition in modern garb,” says nutritionist Kathi Dittrich by the Association for Independent Health counseling (UGB). If this trend causes young people in particular to deal with the issue of healthy eating, which is a positive effect. The concept could be to “healthy, balanced diet and without shortcomings,” confirms Daniel King from the University of Freiburg. That Clean Eating for headaches helps or improves the complexion, as some claim, however, is not scientifically proven, Dittrich limits. So you should not expect too much.

Many make their diet in order to Clean Eating, because they want to lose weight. The functioning quite well without the hassle of counting calories and starving, confirmed nutritionist King. The high-fiber diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and whole grains makes quickly fed up with relatively few calories. In addition, if omitted the added sugars and fats from finished products, you automatically take fewer calories. The portion size can be controlled individually in self cooking. “Precooked enter the serving size before,” says King. And so there was a danger that one eats what is there.

Gradually acclimatise to the new diet

Who wants to change his lifestyle to Clean Eating, should clean up once, advises Wiedemann. “Release your pantry of highly processed foods.” In addition, one should look at the list of ingredients, advises the author. “It concerns the longer the list of ingredients, the more processed the food and the less valuable nutrients it contains.”

Dittrich recommended to start with the omission so: emphasize only sugar and white flour from the diet and then gradually incorporate more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the diet. Thus, the body can get used to the fiber-rich food, and it has not come to indigestion. It is important, according to Wiedemann, to start the day with a breakfast and clean total to take up to five small meals a day to be. “Come no hunger, and the blood sugar level remains constant.”

As breakfast proposes Wiedemann Overnight Oats – these are overnight in milk or vegetable milk soaked cereal flakes – before. Those who like hearty, for example, can choose a smoked salmon and avocado dill spread, which goes well with homemade spelled and rye bread. Wiedemann estimates on the clean diet that they “very straightforward” and that’ll be easily integrated into everyday life. And perhaps it is this relaxed approach that fits well in today’s lifestyle.

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