So this Spaniard was with Zara richest Europeans

Around the fashion chain Zara Amancio Ortega has built a global corporation. Today the Spaniard is the richest man in Europe. And he has already sought a new lucrative employment. Some days Amancio Ortega is rich with a blow to several million euros. The founder of Spanish fashion chain Zara, who will be 80 years old on Easter Monday, is the controlling shareholder of Inditex (parent company of H & M’s competitors). With each increase in the share price, with each dividend payout, the assets of the multi-billionaire continues to increase.

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According to estimates by the US magazine “Forbes” is the Spaniard the richest Europeans and the second richest man in the world, behind Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. The Journal estimated his fortune at 67 billion dollars (59 billion euros). Ortega had made Inditex within a few decades from nothing to one of the largest textile groups. The empire now includes more than 7,000 stores around the world and employs 150,000 people. Besides Zara include chains such as Bershka, Pull and Bear and Massimo Dutti to Inditex Group. Five years ago, the founder gave the management of the Group to the Vice Pablo Isla.

Ortega shuns the public like no other. He does not give interviews, until the 1990s, he had not even a photo of spread. So Inditex has long been a “business without a face” because hardly anyone knew who was behind the rapid rise. While Ortega’s fashion empire spread over the whole world, the founder hid in his home in rainy northwestern Spain. The Railwaymen’s son who never attended university, started his career with 14 years as a messenger of a shirt Business in the Galician port of La Coruña. There he opened in 1975 his first clothing store called Zara. Soon followed branches in other cities and from 1988 also abroad.

Despite its billion assets of the fashion guru’s style remained faithful: He is not suits and ties. When he was the Inditex Group implemented, he took his lunch in the canteen of the company in the sleepy little town Arteixo in La Coruña. Luxury and splendor are repugnant to him. The manager of his company, he stopped to fly on business trips in economy class and staying in cheap hotels. His hobbies are football and horse racing. The secret of success of Zara and Co. is a matter not so easily explained for experts. A principle of Ortega’s corporate strategy has been to all the steps of the fashion industry – to unite under one corporate roof – the design, manufacture, distribution and sale.

This allows the company as Inditex emphasizes itself, quickly pick up on customer preferences and then as quickly as possible to provide the desired garments in stores around the world. “A dress that has created on his computer the designer enters a record time of two to three weeks for the customer,” reported the newspaper “El País”. After his retirement from the Group Management Ortega used his time to engage in other industries. He acquired in several Spanish and European cities such as Paris, London or Berlin buildings in attractive locations. “From the fashion guru, a king of real estate has become,” stated the paper. Here Ortega benefited, were to have that as a result of the financial crisis broke, the property prices in Spain and some buildings low.

So the bank customer is suffering from the policy of the ECB

The negative interest rates make it difficult to banks to make money. Victims are customers who have to pay for their accounts fees. And also the way to the next branch will be longer. These two women could hardly be different, and yet not a leaf fits between them: The two main banking supervisors Europe, Sabine Lautenschläger and Danièle Nouy. The Frenchwoman Nouy is small and delicate, with a stern look. Lautenschlager, however, has a soft face and smiles warmly. The need two only have to see and understand immediately. The local financial institutions they are fair, but also audible: Although the banks are struggling with the negative interest rates of the European Central Bank (ECB) and it is increasingly difficult for them to make money, these two women have little sympathy for them: The financial institutions would have to adapt and finally by their high costs down, they made last Wednesday unmistakably clear.

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This message have heard not only Geldhäuser painful. Also for the customer are the worst possible news. After all, they are the ones who have to pay for in the form of higher fees and fewer outlets for it. And, although they already suffer through the crumbling pension under the negative interest. “Due to the difficult earnings situation German institutions will increasingly proceed to charge for previously free services. In addition, be conceivable that financial institutions charge higher interest rates on loans,” says Uwe Fröhlich, President of the Federal Association of German cooperative banks (BVR). “The customer in particular as pension savers is the big victims of the bank’s policy.” And that affects not only the cooperative institutions.

So one thinks at Postbank on the other pricing of services related to the checking account. About a year ago, the Bonn Institute had already introduced a fee of 99 cents for paper transfers. With institutional customers such as asset managers and insurance you lead also “individual talks”, as the market interest rates could be passed, said CEO Frank Strauss. In recent months, many financial institutions raised prices around the current account. So also cost here at many institutes paper transfers now more than online transfers. At the fees screw of credit cards has also turned in many places. In the long term is also to be feared that the interest rates on loans will rise.

The same could be observed in Switzerland, where there is also a long period of low interest rates and the institutions as tried to strengthen their eroding yields. “By the negative interest rates put the profitability of the banks under pressure, they burden the bank lending and hence domestic demand,” warns David Folkerts-Landau, chief economist at Deutsche Bank. Add to that the increased cost pressure is forcing banks to review their branch networks. Quietly disappear more and more correspondents. Even with the savings banks, hitherto particularly dotted with its proximity to the customer, already 450 branches were last year closed end of December there were nationwide still 14,450 – including those addresses where customers find no employees, but only self-service terminals. “There will be an adjustment, and this adjustment will continue,” the president of the German Savings Banks Association, Georg Fahrenschon said.

The credit unions also an increasing number of branches. Last year, there were 500 bank offices. “I expect that this trend will continue, at least for the next two years,” said Fröhlich. Especially smaller branches would disappear. The commercial banks take painful cuts before: HypoVereinsbank (HVB) has almost halved its branch network, the German Bank also plans to close up to 220 stores in Germany. “I hope that we to May with the employee some,” said Christian Sewing, the Management Board responsible for retail and corporate customers, a few weeks ago in an interview.

“If we succeed, we want the third quarter of 2016 to begin to close stores.” At present, the Frankfurt Institute has 723 stores in Germany and wants to reduce the number by the end of next year to around 500th Thus, the store dying is expanding more and more. Even in recent years, the density of bank branches has decreased significantly. For the end of 2004, the German Bundesbank had nationwide still around 45,000 contact points from ten years later there were only 35,000.

Today would bank customers in East Germany four kilometers ride in the section to the next branch than the west of the country? In the east, thus sharing an average of 3700 customers a branch, in the west 2500. According to the promotional bank KfW, the number of stores in the next 20 years, could be almost halved.

However, the trend for store closures is not only a result of the difficult interest rate environment, but also a result of increasing digitization and changing customer needs. These do now online many banking transactions. However, surveys show that many people a branch is still very important and they by no means cold can the disappearance of the contact points, which is why the Institute hesitated a long time with this step. Only the low interest rates made this probably inevitable.

Twins with 53 and regent of billions Group

The event is happy, albeit unusual: Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, President of Louis Dreyfus Commodities, one of the largest commodity trading companies in the world, last week had twins – at the age of 53 years. the baby’s father is Philipp Hildebrand, 52, former head of the Swiss National Bank and now vice of the world’s biggest asset manager BlackRock in London. Even before birth, Louis Dreyfus Commodities had had indicated that the new maternity Margarita Louis-Dreyfus’ role as boss does not affect. You do after birth a short break. From the end of April they will be back in full perform their duties.

The message is clear: No one should be also indulge for a moment of illusion, the widow of the former Adidas chief Robert Louis-Dreyfus step into the background or would even give off power. No, the Russian wants to keep the reins in his hands – pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood or not. Belonging to a “supermajority” Such signals are important in a company where their claim to power was opposed long. Her husband Robert, who came recently in connection with the affair concerning the awarding of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany in the headlines, had died from leukemia of 2009.

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At that time, many in the few years younger and good-looking wife did not see much more than a mix of pretty playmate and Cricket on the Hearth. Her husband also underestimated their thirst: His plans called for them after his death, especially the administration of the estate for the purposes of the common three sons before. But the resulting after the death of the patron vacuum it soon came to power games, which the widow did not want to stand idly by. From the loving wife and mother was in record time an iron businesswoman or, as expressed by their biographer Elsa Conesa, a “fearsome regent” – determined, tough and a little squeamish.
The powerful CEO and confidant of her late husband, Jacques Veyrat, replaced them with managers of self-styled. Next she demonstrated their claim to power, as it in the company of 65 increased a year ago to share her family holding Akira to 80 percent, by taking over shares of sisters and nephew of Robert Louis-Dreyfus and thus his own words, a “super majority” secured. Our sector is changing rapidly, and it is time for us to open a new chapter in our 165-year history. Quite possible that they therefore are still not satisfied. As a board member of Louis Dreyfus Commodities betrayed, they aspire to the acquisition of the remaining 20 percent.

Time to push the stroller, Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, whose fortune is estimated at 2.5 to three billion euros, have little – in their company is at a crucial reconstruction phase. Given the low commodity prices the profit of Louis Dreyfus Commodities broke last year of 648 million dollars to 211 million dollars. Sales fell by 14 percent to 55.7 billion dollars. “Our sector is changing rapidly, and it is time for us to open a new chapter in our 165-year history”, she let herself recent quote in a release from the company. In this they also announced the immediate renaming of the Group in Louis Dreyfus Company.
When the name change will not remain. Even more are reports about Louis Dreyfus plans to concentrate mainly on the core activities and are looking for other areas strategic partners. Referring to several internal sources reported “Bloomberg”, the trade group would focus on the units cereals, oilseeds, cotton, sugar and coffee. The other business sectors such as dairy, fertilizer, orange juice and metal to be introduced in partnerships. Plausible this is also because some areas were already separated, as the metal trade, which will operate as an independent unit.
It is clear that the company wants to fundamentally reposition. Because of the competition in the industry is fierce. About one third of world trade in agricultural commodities worth annually over 1000 billion dollars controlled by only four companies, which are known as “ABCD Company”. The letters stand for Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Bunge, Cargill and Louis Dreyfus Company. With around 22,000 employees Louis Dreyfus is among four of the smallest suppliers.

In September 2015 Margarita Louis-Dreyfus occupied the position of CEO with a man they trust. He’s Gonzalo Ramirez Martiarena and previously headed the Asian business. You ever, been President of Louis Dreyfus Holding, took over at the same time also at Louis Dreyfus Commodities Bureau.
In the world of large corporations to Margarita Louis-Dreyfus has rightly found quickly. This is also because they literally absorbs information and also listen to experienced people in their environment, stresses as a board member.

Among the important pillars includes her partner Philipp Hildebrand, whom she had met at the Davos World Economic Forum in January, 2013. According to the Zurich hotel owner Ljuba Manz, a close friend of Russian, Hildebrand is for Margarita Louis-Dreyfus in business matters a counselor. With its key position in the financial industry, he has the necessary knowledge and contacts. But, he pays meticulous care to leave no conflicts of interest between his tenure at BlackRock and the relationship to come up with Margarita Louis-Dreyfus. Hildebrand has learned his lesson, it was but the foreign exchange transactions of his ex-wife Kashya who engaged him as head of the Swiss central bank in a bad light and forced to abandon his post 2012 Design.

Germany seeks his first spaceflight Pioneer in space Russian Valentina Tereshkova

The Company “HE Space” published these days an original vacancy notice: “wanted astronaut”. The Headhunter of the European Space Agency will ensure that finally time a German woman launches into space. 60 the date around 500 people in all were female, successful astronauts, cosmonauts or Taikonautinnen, depending on whether they were started in Florida, Kazakhstan or North China. The woman in orbit – it could become the norm.

That was 53 years ago when the Soviet Russian Valentina Tereshkova launched the first cosmonaut, was very different. To date, she enjoys world fame. What is less well known: your three-day trip into orbit went so catastrophically that Sergei Korolyov, secret mastermind behind the Soviet space, said: “. To me, no woman into space” This was long after Korolev’s death in 1966. Only in 1982 launched the next woman from Baikonur into space, a year before the first US astronaut.

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TV, record player, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, “Volga” sedan, fashion items for themselves and the whole relationship – a few days after landing on 19 June 1963, a field in the Kazakh steppe was the 26-year-old Tereshkova showered with gifts ; Products of which their compatriots back then could only dream. Nikita Khrushchev, General Secretary of the Communist Party, had personally ensured.

For him, had “the Seagull” as Tereshkova was named to radio communications between heaven and earth, fulfills all tasks shiny: In the race with the United States to the moon she can send the first woman into space, it was a simple worker of a textile combine and youth functionary of the party, she had landed alive and could therefore be subsequently presented around the world. As a classic new Soviet woman who can do anything.

Those responsible for the Soviet space hand saw in 1963 confirmed in their skepticism, they had one of the more qualified women preferred which were available also. The were able to score more during hard training in the centrifuge, in a short time in the airplane simulated weightlessness and in their physical fitness.

Tereshkova but was in another discipline, the decisive, forward: In the mental aptitude test her competitors had at the question, “What do you expect from life?”, All replied to the questionnaire in about, they would enjoy it like, as far as go. But she herself wrote: “I want to support with all their strength the Komsomol (youth organization) and the party.”

The nomenklatura liked it, but the political attitude helped her when the rocket was launched, very little. What happened in the spaceship, came after the fall of the Soviet Union in the records Korolev, his colleague Vasily Mishin and the Cosmonauts coach Nikolai Kamanin gradually – sometimes in contradictory versions – to light.

As Korolev had swallowed that choosing to Tereshkova had fallen, he modified accordingly the first thing a program point: Unlike planned control should now at no stage more successes from the capsule itself and the ground station from start to re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere Complete Keep control.

Some time after take-off was Tereshkova to feel the space sickness, somewhat comparable to seasickness: nausea, vomiting, disorientation. Of course they had taken precautions, but the cosmonaut could not cope with the bags on board. In connection with the zero gravity this was a particularly predicament circumstance. The floating substances increased their sickness that odor problems they tried by lowering the temperature to soften. This so strong that in the ground station leaping alarms and it was thought there having to take countermeasures.
Food Denied: The Soviet Russian Valentina Tereshkova in a documentary about her flight 1963
Photo: picture alliance / RIA Novosti denied food: The Soviet Russian Valentina Tereshkova in a documentary about her flight 1963

On top of that failed the targeted use of the abortion according to some reports. After another they had calculated in all their period. When she was once no longer accessible due to dizziness, the ground station had to wake her by constantly switching on and off of the board light again.

It was not only about the welfare of the cosmonaut. The scientific review, the protocol got confused. Tereshkova denied that it was the space sickness, but everything would have been on the diet, the black bread was about to dry. Some suggest, however, that they have not eaten in three days as good as nothing, and to disguise this, after landing, inventories have given collective farmers, who had the capsule approached timidly.

Total trust between scientists and the cosmonaut was afterwards corrupted, also because of a serious incident. Long weeks puzzled the experts as a crack may have originated in one of the windows during the flight. From Tereshkova they received no mention. Finally, it was found that they had apparently collided accidentally with her camera violently against the glass.

In Moscow and then in half the world Tereshkova was hailed as a hero of the Soviet Union. In Korolev’s team but one was displeased with them. One of the experts, who remembers that time, said: “with the window was a critical issue for the construction of spaceships, and the cosmonaut had concealed the truth, as much as she wanted to be admired.” Korolev himself reminded the space traveler in her helplessness to “a fish out of water”.

The US electoral system with its primaries is complex from a European perspective

The US electoral system with its primaries is complex from a European perspective. Even more difficult to understand is the income of the Republican Trump. If you ask the followers of the currently leading Republican US presidential candidates what they admire about him, then falls almost inevitably the sentence: “He says what others do not dare.” (And no, I will not mention the name of the candidate and certainly not link – for hygienic reasons).
In similar form this admiration seems to be true for the choice of words of the leader of a new political movement that seems apparently to undermine the brink of general decency in Germany. This statement “says what others do not dare to say,” is from the perspective of her utter ends first, of course easy to translate: “… (XYZ) says what I have not yet dared to say.” And implies is thus : XYZ is a (n) fighters (in) for my freedom. And fighters for freedom of expression are still real heroes, right?
Short and full answer: Yes! People have for freedom of speech (not the same as now read on Wikipedia) their lives and more often risked their freedom and integrity.

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The freedom to have their own opinion and they can also say this openly, is anchored in the US, for example, as the highest constitutional law (First Amendment); in Germany it is guaranteed by Article 5 of the Basic Law. And rights are not claimed or voluntarily given up, wither and fall apart quickly. But that does not automatically every person who expresses what it comes to mind, for freedom fighters. Firstly, the use is one – fought by others – Right not automatically a struggle for the right itself.
But in this particular case I would still insist that the narrators have the right (even if they have not won). The question is: why these things were spoken before? First, I would doubt this “suppression” times: All the xenophobic, the simplistic-Populist what the popular Pöbler (no, I call continue no name, still put no link!

One must have lived in the past six months on another planet to not knowing at least, who I’m talking – but a look in the newspaper is enough to make this catch) recently passed in mass events by itself, had long been the airspace conquered over the pub, was issued and given the nod as truth among peers.

The complaining as missing courage to do so also in the larger circle, had come not through fear of persecution or lost consequences – at least not before serious consequences – but more likely by the fact that the so speaker very exactly the bigotry were aware that they thus contributed to the review.

What they admire in these political Hetzrednern, is that they no longer have themselves to say what they thought a long time, and what they might previously at least a little ashamed. Now you can connect a “opinion” is simple – it is the “freedom” of followers inside.

But perhaps they should do first time realized that not everything that is said is also worth to be told. That sometimes there are good reasons not to keep a statement automatically good just because it was made at all. It cannot be a coincidence that I am just stumbled across this article in the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences: Pathological Joking or witzelsucht Revisited. And no, “witzelsucht” is not a premature April fool’s – it’s a real pathological condition caused by organic damage to the frontal lobe. Not that I assume the here continue unnamed politicians that they have pathologically recordable brain damage. Their motives are probably much simpler and superficial (and here is a hint of what might lie at least in the German species of these populists behind); but it helps sometimes to keep in mind that not everything that comes from a mouth – and no matter how many cameras to capture it – an opinion. Sometimes it’s just garbage that needs to get out. And should therefore be ideally stored on the garbage heap.

Bernd Lucke and the bane of good deed

In July 2015 starts Bernd Lucke, Professor of Macroeconomics, in the Grugahalle in Essen at the lectern and is booed by his own party members. With whistles to interrupt the speech of their party leaders from Hamburg, they hold red cards in the air, they signal: We do not want you. Seldom was a Congress such agony for a chairman. This day is deselected in the gap, a thin man with a clear voice, as leader of the AFD and replaced by Frauke Petry from Saxony. It is the beginning of a change.

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Today make Petry and her party colleague’s sentiment towards refugees, their AfD is more successful than ever. They have just cleared in the state elections: Around 24 percent in Saxony-Anhalt, also double-digit results in Baden-Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz. Bernd Lucke has left the AfD behind, the work of his former colleagues, he observed with great skepticism. And must evaluate this again, because probably nobody can classify rise and change better than the founding father himself. Especially in these days, in which his work has triumphed without him, his assessment is required.

While other ex-members of the party in its current form demonize downright emphasizes Lucke that he was proud of even today. Proud of what he had created, 2013. Much has gone wrong, the place and the 53-year-old, now he enters with his new party at Alfa (Alliance for progress and renewal). Yet the alternative for Germany will probably remain Bernd Luckes political life’s work.

With AFD you’ve created a monster. This set of Hans-Olaf Henkel, this unsparing self reflection own fault and merciless reckoning with his former party, haunted in recent weeks repeatedly by the media. Hans-Olaf Henkel, best-selling author and former IBM boss, can not believe that is sweeping through the AFD, which he once made with large and whose members were originally gone out to abolish the euro all hatred. Henkel referred to the AFD today as “NPD light”, Bernd Lucke however wants of such statements know nothing.

As an MEP Lucke lives in Brussels. He is still convinced of his actions. He says not only that you can hear on the phone in his voice, without seeing him: “It was right and necessary that we used to set up a Civil and EUR critical party,” says the economics professor. Germany’s party system was plugged into a crisis, with the AFD you wanted to oppose this crisis somewhat. And that is still a good approach takes Lucke: “We need a radical change in the party system – now even more urgent than ever.” But yes, he of course very sorry, what development took the AFD.

He has had enough of the past. We do not want to talk all the time about the past yet. He would rather look to the future, apply to the program of his party Alfa. “I’m not the boss commentator AfD”, the 53-year-old is not tired of repeating. To then always talking again in Rage. Lucke will conclude with the AFD and he does not. Because the public does not let him. And because the disappointment is too deep, it seems.

It was a gradual process, says the professor. The change of course, the infiltration by right-wing populists. First is because they measured Russia-glorification been some party colleagues, the attitude adjustment political occurrence of individuals. “I am amazed at how Alexander Gauland has changed,” says the 53-year-old. At that time, in the initial phase of the AFD, Gauland was restrained. A strictly conservative, yes, but always in the background. “He has become a right-wing nationalist populist who simply picks up the mood on the streets and fueling” says Lucke.

The man on the phone is not only a close observer and analyst of his former colleagues, but also one who perceives nuances. One must only times says Lucke, look at the vocabulary, such as the one Björn Höcke who spoke at demonstrations of a “millennial Germany”, or just call from Alexander Gauland, the refugees as barbarians. “And then of course there’s this fact that Marcus Pretzell has considered in November shooting at refugees as a suitable measure to prevent border crossings,” says Lucke. This was particularly shocking for him.

Almost all euro critics from the gap-bearing are now resigned – just a few exceptions among the Liberals have taken part in the shift to the right. Just as the Hamburger Group chairman Jörn Kruse. “I am very surprised that he has the AFD not long left, he would content actually Alfa fit,” says Lucke. But he did not want to speculate about motives. Contact no longer have the professors.

Unlike people like Hans-Olaf Henkel Bernd Lucke is always careful to omit the very large settlement with the AFD. He chooses his words carefully, in general he thought little of polarization and emotional, he says. And he now had other tasks, there are now Alfa. The party should be Luckes political restart, the 53-year-old wants to make things right, what went so terribly wrong in his AFD-time. How tough can this struggle, was in the state elections: Since Alfa cracked just as the Einprozentgrenze.

Anyone wishing to become a member, must meet criteria

What probably is not just because of the lack of awareness, but probably also in hosting the refugees. This differs according to Lucke namely very: “We do not engage in polemics against refugees We’re clear to Western ties, so to membership in NATO and the EU, even if we believe that the EU urgently needs reform – and not least cheap for an informed debate, not for. chatter. ” With all the disappointment with the expulsion from his own party other would possibly come to the decision to return the policy entirely back. but not Lucke. He was selected to 2019 as an MEP, he says: “The voters have given me their confidence, I have a political responsibility.”

To avoid that Alfa is infiltrated by rights, Lucke has established strict rules. Anyone wishing to become a member of his party, has to fulfill a whole set of criteria, without admission interview, nothing works. Are to Lucke and his colleagues not sure whether a candidate fits to them, there is initially only a trial membership. Right-wing populists, conspiracy theorists and Islam enemies had no business at Alfa says Lucke. But that would anyway prefer to go to the AFD. With Alfa wants to appeal to the liberal-conservative part of the middle class, so by the government disappointed.

Bernd Lucke wants to convince in the future with sober policy, he says, wants to continue what he has started 2013 with the AFD. He has decided against the right-wing populism. And now fights irrelevance.

German real estate boom crack magic mark

The low interest rates boost the real estate business in Germany even more. Last year, apartments, homes and properties worth a total of 200 ° to 210 billion euros changed hands, it is apparent from estimates of the official peer review committees. “We break the first time the 200-billion-euro mark,” said Peter Ache, branch manager of the working group of experts. Evaluation teams shall cover all sales contracts with real estate throughout the country. They rise since 2007 nationwide figures. Given further lower interest rates is to be expected that the sum of 2016 continues to rise, said appraiser Ache. Since 2010 it go straight up, in 2015 had the purchasing figures even rose a bit more.

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Not everyone expects now still buying, Ache said. “In the high-price segment now I would not buy anything but wait.” The risk of a property bubble see the committees is not, however, a further rise in prices they judge skeptical. “We are watching with interest and eager to see what happens when interest rates rise. Keep then the property its value?” The trend therefore cities include further Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin. In the environment of these cities, prices rose significantly, it said. In cities like Hildesheim and Holzminden also increases now be observed. “Even in rural areas, we see that the prices are rising. The people in the cities anymore.”

Next expensive has in the past year and farmland as Ache said. In some places, it was hardly more favorable than commercial land. “Because you can better milk their cows on a commercial space and have the same full development.” Many farmers put under pressure because the rents rise accordingly. The highlight of the increase in prices of farmland could be achieved, however, from the perspective of the working group in the West. In East Germany more ups are possible. With rising property prices comes some owners to sell the idea. Is this the right time? Or should wait and see if the boom continues Sales willing?

It depends on the situation: both on the personal as well as on the property. Who, for example, in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich owns property, “has a very good chance to make a huge plus,” says “financial test” expert Jörg Sahr. Even in affluent suburbs, ie in counties in the immediate vicinity of large cities, a sale may still be low. Are also in demand for flats and houses in almost all German university towns.

Swarm cities attract young people to

These so-called swarm cities attract many young people who desperately need homes, the rents will rise. This will “also the rise in purchase prices fueling again”, states the spring report of the Central Real Estate Committee (ZIA). According ZIA cost condominiums in Stuttgart last year, nearly 19 percent more than in 2014, in Berlin there were about 14 percent more, in Munich nearly 13 percent. On average, prices climbed nationwide by about 14 percent, say the experts of the analysis company Empirica. Its data are based on information in sale advertisements – which does not mean that the seller received the amount demanded also.

Due to the historically low interest rates, the good employment situation and the growing housing needs – also due to the significant migration – expect the Landesbausparkassen (LBS) with a continuation of the high demand for real estate property. Whether it succeed, to keep prices in check further, depends ultimately on how quickly responds, new construction on the now visible not only in metropolitan areas and university towns shortages, said LBS Association Director Axel Guthmann. Ultimate bottleneck is not the willingness to invest, but the availability of land.

Reinvestment of capital poses problems

Facts and prospects entice actually for sale, especially since there will be many buyers considering a record low interest rates. For owners, however, interest rates can be a problem. Because what they should do with the money that brings the property? “Do I want to use it for world travel, car, pension, it is logical to sell now,” says Empirica director Reiner Braun. “I have no other alternative, I could wait to see if the price continues to rise.”

Financial advisor Max fall from Frankfurt / Main wonders whether it makes sense to invest in shares in order later to redeem more than a possibly relocated object sale. Another possibility would be, using the proceeds to fund a new property and as the owner-occupied single-family house with large garden for a chic Elderly Accessible apartment in the city exchange.

The low interest rates are owners also prepare headaches when overloaded even mortgaged their property up for sale. Because then the Bank is playing with: You will require a prepayment penalty, so that the borrower can get ahead of the loan agreement. Because in old contracts often significantly higher interest rates are, as they are at present market rates, this type can be expensive damages. Therefore, substantial amounts quickly come together.

The tax office collected with

“Financial test” expert Sahr expects the front with an example: The remaining debt is 100,000 euros, the credit agreement runs for five years, the interest rate is 4.0 percent, the monthly installment 600 Euro. The result is a prepayment penalty of 17,000 euros or the equivalent of 17 percent of the remaining balance. Depending on the contract can absorb the costly, unscheduled leave early or special notice periods. The prepayment penalty deny property owners usually from the sale – so they do not end the entire sum in the account.

In addition to the bank often collected with the tax office. “Whoever buys an apartment for rent and sold within ten years back, it has to pay taxes,” explains the Head of Tax Law at the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants, Claudia Kalina Kerschbaum.

The amount of the tax on speculation is based on the individual tax rate of the seller. His profit remains exempt where since the acquisition took more than ten years. For owner-occupiers who have lived exclusively in this own home since purchase or completion of the property, selling profit is completely tax free. The ten-year period does not apply.

The same applies to apartments and homes, “which have been used at least in the year of sale and the previous two years for their own occupation”. Lived someone before buying as a tenant in the same apartment, which is not considered a time of owner-occupation, as Kalina Kerschbaum. Last but not least the Land Registry keeps on hand. The existing land charges there must be deleted. dpa / N.S.

All of America is wondering about the Obama daughters

The images of the arrival of Obama in Cuba were barely two days old because the dress was sold out. Sasha, 14, Barack Obama’s youngest daughter, had worn it, a black knit dress Releases Shoshanna, as reported for the same $ 385. The sneakers, carrying the two Obama daughters on a tour of Old Havana, enthusiastic fashion critics testified she not only of casual chic, but are also delightfully practical and pragmatic. Typical Obama precisely.

Benevolence, with Sasha and Malia Obama’s appearances was persecuted in Cuba during historic visit was significant. For just the excitement about the participation of the two at their first state dinner in early March had subsided in honor of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Furthermore, as “gorgeous” and “adorable” the two seemed, especially flirting with actor and heartthrob Ryan Reynolds. And the fact that it was in the robes of the girls to design pieces that cost around $ 20,000 each. The White House, which otherwise does not comment on matters relating to the sisters, could be exceptionally deign to deny the allegations that had been squandered for wardrobe tax money. What the First Lady and her daughters wore, the Obamas paid even if it was not affected by designers.

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The performances tell a lot about the relationship of Americans to their President’s family and vice versa. One could also say: Sasha and Malia are Barack Obama’s top bipartisan success. He was once taken up with the aim to adopt a pragmatic, unifying the country policy – and failed, even the Republican-dominated Senate. Regarding his daughters, however, the consensus is wide: Restrained but benevolent her adolescence was persecuted, its hearty, sympathetic way.

At the moment it is the country with Sasha and Malia, however much like her father at the State banquet: It has a lump in her throat. How big are the two become! Correct Women! Was it not only yesterday, as two cute little girl next to Barack Obama stood at his swearing in January 2009 and Natasha, 7, and Malia, 10, attracted the youngest children since the Kennedys in the White House?

“They grow up too fast,” Obama said in his speech, “Malia is soon to college – and now I have to swallow the same”. Even Justin Trudeau, himself a father of three children said, agitated: “I admire you both very much for your extraordinary strength and grace.” Thanks to their parents’ experience in the White House would “give strength and wisdom beyond your age for the rest of your life.” Them

It is also true in the US the unwritten law to let the children of the head of state at rest. The Americans, however, are also less interested in them than about Europe junior in his royal families – if only because the White House not automatically grow future president, but board members (Chelsea Clinton), newscasters (Jenna Bush), radio hosts (Ron Reagan) , politicians (Jack Carter), and other boring professionals. The reluctance to listen to but if behave America First students like normal American students and, for example, try to come up with fake IDs to alcohol, as once Jenna and her twin sister Barbara Bush in Texas.

The worst offense of Sasha and Malia has been the classic teenage protest of bored off the Wash Guckens when parents have time dragged back to a totally embarrassing event. At the traditional “turkey pardoning” ceremony, for example, when the President for Thanksgiving a turkey gives life, instead of sending it in the oven. In November 2015 Barack Obama had yet actually dared to ask the girls if they want to pet the bird. “No,” was Malia’s terse reply. The 17-year-old has perfected the deliberately disinterested gaze with which succeeds especially pretty girls, reverse the age conditions: “Embarrassing Kinderkram!” Said this look any activity for the adults present muster some enthusiasm – even if it is only ex officio.

And even the lack of interest is – as Sasha occasional yawn – usually entranced taken as proof of how wonderfully normal, the two are still remained. Only a certain Elizabeth Lauten, PR manager of a Republican Senator, wrote after that Thanksgiving an open letter to the sisters on Facebook: “Show style”, “you behave, as it would mean you something to be in the White House,” chided they would with a swipe at the parents who indeed showed little respect for the office and failing as role models. “Clothe yourself as someone who demands respect and not a seat at the bar. And now attracts no faces at public events that are televised.” A few days later Elizabeth Lauten took her hat.

The career of the reactionary demagogues Rush Limbaugh contrast (a kind of radio-Donald-Trump) had not harmed when he in 1992 in his radio program to make fun about the unfavorable appearance of the then twelve-year-old Chelsea Clinton and the family dog ​​”the cutest kid in White house “called.
“Mother of the Nation”: Michelle Obama has named a new meaning to
Photo: BLOOMBERG NEWS “Mother of the Nation”: Michelle Obama has named a new meaning to

With regard to the Obama daughters prevails everywhere downright melancholy. The increasing public appearances eventually also mark a farewell. Perhaps it is not only the more mature age, maybe the parents want to once again enjoy all the possibilities so close to the end of the presidential their children, offered by the Office President daughters.

For the past years have been strictly designed both to provide a so normal childhood as possible. Of course, the allepräsidialen parents say. But as good as these two hingekriegt the have long no more. What is mainly due to Michelle Obama, who has given a new meaning to the phrase “Mother of the Nation”. If one occurs as Michelle Obama and looks like Michelle Obama, then lost the title each Trutschigkeit, everything Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan-like.

It is the prime example of the modern reconciling family and career – because the lawyer has chosen her second profession wise. After the election Barack as president she had a sense “flipped a switch,” she said in an interview 2012. His job was the world and the financial crisis, “to make my transition to the White House for us as smooth as possible.”
Michelle Obama
“Go to college”
This rap song Michelle Obama is everything

All First Ladies put to employment, usually a social function. Nancy Reagan declared drug war, Hillary Clinton took the health insurance system to. Michelle Obama but took care of their children, but just at the national level. Basically everything they tackled – training opportunities for girls, sports and nutrition programs in the fight against childhood obesity – a by-product of their upbringing style home.

The Obamas are not just, they have always been what one might call the American version of the Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Family: Wealthy Biogemüseesser with strict pedagogical principles (until recently prevailed midweek screen and phone ban for the girls) high expectations for academic achievement and good behavior.

Not to mention the fact that since Eisenhower’s mother for the first time lives a bodily Granny in the White House. Michelle Obama’s mother Marian Shields Robinson helped even during the presidential campaign with childcare, and is loud Barack Obama an important reason that the girls “do not allow attitudes”.

Just the Obamas have stated that the family will remain after the presidential election in November for the time being in Washington, which is unusual for ex-presidents, the last one was Woodrow Wilson in 1924. The reason is, of course – Sasha. “A change of school in the middle of high school? That’s tough,” said the father.

That the country Sasha and Malia Obama brings to such great respect and respects their privacy, is also recalled that it was clear at the Obamas from the first moment: here not a perfect family is staged for the media, but here perforce granted a normal family a glimpse into the private sphere. As an outsider, you always feel like you disturb.
Malia and Sasha Obama
Malia and Sasha Obama steal the First Lady the show

Also therefore affect the usual “I’m-just-a-very-normal-father-husband-under-the-thumb-my wife” -Scherze, make the dignitaries like, when Barack Obama more credible. If only because he himself grew up without a father, he was careful to be with so many events and school conferences as possible here. It was already hard, he told in November in the journal “GQ” that his daughters have now reached the age at which he was no longer the coolest: “They love you, but they just do not have time for you.” He had by now friends with older children had assured him, “if you do not completely screw up it during the teen years, they get away with 23, 24 back and want to really hang out with you.”

And that meant no jokes as serious as those in which it comes to the love life of 17-year-old daughter, knowing all the fathers of 17-year-old daughters. If you want to keep this under control, the office of President is also very practical, Obama told the same interview. No, the eyes of a couple of guys had “not made happy” him. And yes, it is already practically, then to the Secret Service say: “Keep the time in mind.”

VW wants to keep customers loyalty bonus

Duisburg – In exhaust scandal wants VW disgruntled customers in Germany apparently appease with hefty discounts. As a survey of the CAR-Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen revealed is currently about a three-door Golf with 28 percent of discount on the list price. Background is a loyalty bonus of up to 2000 euros, which was granted in exchange of a VW used car and simultaneous purchase of a VW model. The program run initially until the end of April.

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“VW tried to counteract with the client frets program. Only no slump in new registrations seems the motto, “institute director Ferdinand Dudenhöffer said Monday. He also referred to high natural approvals from 32 percent of all new cars in February. In the VW discounts of industry expert also provides a response to the displeasure of German customers because of redress action in the United States, which did not exist in this country. Shortly after the announcement of the diesel VW scandal had granted US customers $ 1,000 on credit cards and vouchers.

Dudenhoeffer stressed VW fall out of the frame as a whole declined the discounts in the German market. In March 17.6 percent reduction was granted individually ordered new cars on average. The Protestant theologian Margot Käßmann warns of revenge against terrorists. In an interview with the Bild newspaper she answered the question, which is probably Jesus would say to terror: “Jesus left a challenge: Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! “Also, we should try to” the terrorists to meet in prayer and love, “the former EKD Council concludes.

I beg your pardon? Praying for terrorists? love killer? In the social networks Käßmann is showered for her statement with criticism. Many commentators want a bulit Christianity and none showing a heart for murderers.

The Christian message is to destroy

Even bishops report that they get a lot of letters in recent months, in which the sender call that the Church must show more strength and “let them play muscles” the.

But in addition to bishops should not get carried away. Religions are abused worldwide to fuel conflict and to spread hatred and violence. All the more necessary are churches and religious leaders who encourage such Margot Käßmann and Pope Francis to break the logic of hatred and not to respond to violence with violence.
This may seem at first glance disturbing and unworldly. But it is to destroy the object of Christianity to stand up for peace where retaliatory logic prevails to promote reason, when the emotions going through the roof and, indeed, to demand love, where revenge is the closest feeling.

Jesus asked for forgiveness, not for resistance

The Christian message was transverse to the common expectations and obvious emotions even 2000 years ago. On the cross, Jesus prayed with his last strength God to forgive his persecutors – “for they know not what to do”.

Had he threatened the Romans revenge and his followers invited to resist, the Christians would have been delivered to the Roman occupying power helpless and beaten quickly. Their movement would be long forgotten. The message of love and forgiveness, however, has proven to be a tremendous strength. Straight from the apparent weakness out Christianity has developed into a global religion.

Revenge lead to no good

Of course, the private prayer for terrorists does not replace the national fight against terror. The white Margot Kassmann. “The state must defend its citizens,” she says in the interview. The state must also do everything possible to attract terrorists to justice. Basis are the laws and the state constitution. Revenge should have no place in the state’s fight against terrorism.

Yet revenge are understandable reactions to terror and violence. Just as there are anger and grief. But the desire for revenge has rarely led to something good. Why then not even a matter of prayer? The private prayer changes at least the worshipers themselves. Anyone who enters into a dialogue with God, is even more calm and relaxed afterwards. These results come from scientific studies. It is worth a try.

Kurds attack demonstration in Aschaffenburg

Kurds on Sunday threw stones at an event organized by Turkish anti-terrorism demonstration in Aschaffenburg. The situation escalated. Bavarian Interior Minister speaks of an intolerable impertinence.

With stones and fireworks Kurds have attacked an event organized by Turkish anti-terrorism demonstration in Aschaffenburg on Sunday. Afterwards, the perpetrators barricaded in a house and attacked from the roof of the police, as the police headquarters Lower Franconia announced. Only after the officers had requested reinforcements, they succeeded in the evening, provisionally arrest every 32 people in the house.

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Until the early morning hours the police were using “excessive force” in the city, a spokesman said. Reason Views were of Kurdish side in social networks, to travel to Aschaffenburg. Further clashes were not in on Monday night first.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) has shown outraged by the conflicts. “We do not want the Turkish-Kurdish conflict will be held on German soil,” Herrmann said on Monday in Munich. “This is simply intolerable and a disgrace for our country.”

Herrmann evaluated the events as a confirmation of the negative attitude of the CSU towards visa facilitation for citizens of Turkey. “We have to look carefully, because who we let into our country, when we are talking about visa facilitation for Turkey,” warned Herrmann. “To let all Turks, including Kurds enter Germany is free, is by no means acceptable.”

On Sunday afternoon, according to police around 600 people had a demonstration under the slogan “Together against terror” connected, which had been notified by a Turk. The train was suddenly attacked by around 30 Kurds. When police went in between, an officer was hit by a firecracker on the head and slightly injured.

The attackers fled after in a house and refused any contact. From the roof of the house from stones and firecrackers were thrown at the officers, it said. The police called for reinforcements, and a police helicopter was in use. When the officers finally broke into the house, all individuals could be according to the police report resistance to arrest.

Prosecutors launched investigation on suspicion of serious breach of the peace, attempted a dangerous assault and violations of the Assembly Act.