First images devastating conflagration in poultry producer Wiesenhof

In the poultry producer Wiesenhof in Lohne in Vechta on Monday afternoon a fire has broken out. Pictures show the devastating fire. A huge column of black smoke already be seen kilometers away.
“At present the situation is totally unmanageable. We know that there is a fire in the filleting and carton stock, “said a police spokesman. In addition, it should have given thuds or smaller explosions. “The flames are spreading. The location is quite chaotic. ┬╗Residents to keep doors and windows closed.
On Saturday ammonia alarm was triggered in a production hall. According to police, then the need to vacate the hall. Whether there is a connection between the events is not known.

Fast driving, illegal parking, alcohol: Abroad threaten severe penalties

Leisure and business travelers beware! In many European countries, fines for speeding, illegal parking and drunk driving are significantly higher than in Germany. As the ADAC announced in Munich on Monday, Norway imposed the highest fine phrases, followed by Sweden and Italy. Who lowered 20 kilometers per hour too fast, must be at least 420 euros, in Sweden 270 euros and paid in Italy 170 euros fine in Norway.

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Particularly expensive according to the ADAC driving under the influence of alcohol. In Norway may be imposed from 0.2 per thousand to a fine of 600 euros or more. Prison threatened with alcohol rides among others in Sweden (from 1.0 per thousand) and in Spain (from 1.2 per thousand). High fines for threatening phone while driving without a hands-free kit. Here the Netherlands lead (230 euros), Denmark (200 Euro) and Italy (160 Euro) the ranking. Illegal parking will cost 90 euros each in the Netherlands and Norway.

The ADAC points out that high discounts are given for example in Italy and Spain with immediate payment of the fines. For traffic offenses abroad, there is also no point in Flensburg. A pronounced by a foreign authority ban has the report referred to in Germany no effect.