Intimate Interview with Andrea Berg what is no longer so important

Experience the world of celebrities up close: From Actor to of royal nobility of singers to professional athletes. FOCUS Online presents the latest news and exclusive stories from the world of the stars in the ticker. Justin Bieber has done it again: On Instagram, the singer shared a photo of himself, showing him stark naked. The snapshot was taken at a lake, revealing again the bare ass of teen stars. He cannot help it: Again, the pop star Justin Bieber (22) shared on his official Instagram account a piquant picture of yourself. The snapshot shows the musicians standing on a deserted lake. The special feature is that Bieber is the view of his bare body free – the bare bottom again included.

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Where exactly the photo was taken, is not yet clearly understood. However, he posted more pictures of that show him in a deserted area. Among other things, as he wrapped up in the open air in blankets sleeping. Apparently Justin Bieber is currently taking a break from the city bustle in a stunning and unspoilt landscape. His fans are celebrating in such posts with security.

Intimate Interview: For Andrea Berg Sex is no longer so important

15:58: The pop star Andrea Berg (50) speaks in an interview with the Swiss magazine “SonntagsBlick” open about her love life and her taste in men. Sex was her namely not so terribly important: “Move Over the years, the priorities but a little.” Nevertheless, her age was a “great thing”. “I do not want to be another 20,” said Berg. All the love crises, divorce, the uncertainty: “I’m glad that everything is behind me.”

Nevertheless, she would even now be sexy, it was an attitude, a mentality, it does not matter how old. “If I feel like I’m going with 70 still wearing miniskirts. That I let nobody forbid, “said Berg. Love is also for them the only true source of energy. Life revolves not about power and money, but for love. “It sometimes takes strange detours, but can never be deceived or manipulated,” Berg continues. “If it makes boom, which can prevent any power in the world.”

With her taste in men, the successful singer and producer has a clear focus: “I like manly men who can make fire, who do not need more time in the bathroom than I do.” A man must be a guy who is not afraid to stand up for me to beat sometimes, if need be. I enjoy watching younger men who “do not have this Pfaurad on his back, who think they are irresistible, but in fact can not even change a spark plug.” That she found cute.

The author of nearly 40 works often made the American wilderness to setting his stories. He was an avid hunter, fisherman and hikers. Among his best known novels include the family epic “Legends of the Fall”, which arrived in the German cinema under the title “Legends of the Fall” the mid-1990s. It was a breakthrough for the actor Brad Pitt, who played one of three sons on a farm in rural Montana shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. Anthony Hopkins starred in the role of father.

Harrison co-wrote the screenplay for the revenge drama “Revenge – A dangerous affair”, the 1990 film starring Kevin Costner and Anthony Quinn. Four years later, he worked on the script for the movie “Wolf – The animal in man” with Jack Nicholson. His other book credits include “Dalva”, “Julip”, “True North” and the dark father-son drama “guilt”.

#SadAffleck: So sad Ben Affleck responded to the negative film reviews

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” can be seen since March 24 in theaters – and the reviews for the superhero epic fall out mixed. Many film critics have the strip literally ripped through the air. The actors have stressed since the theatrical release that fans decide the success. But really cold seems the negative review shaft at least one not to be: Batman actor Ben Affleck. It circulated a new video on the net, the very thoughtful and sad shows the actor when he is asked about the bad reviews.