Kurds attack demonstration in Aschaffenburg

Kurds on Sunday threw stones at an event organized by Turkish anti-terrorism demonstration in Aschaffenburg. The situation escalated. Bavarian Interior Minister speaks of an intolerable impertinence.

With stones and fireworks Kurds have attacked an event organized by Turkish anti-terrorism demonstration in Aschaffenburg on Sunday. Afterwards, the perpetrators barricaded in a house and attacked from the roof of the police, as the police headquarters Lower Franconia announced. Only after the officers had requested reinforcements, they succeeded in the evening, provisionally arrest every 32 people in the house.

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Until the early morning hours the police were using “excessive force” in the city, a spokesman said. Reason Views were of Kurdish side in social networks, to travel to Aschaffenburg. Further clashes were not in on Monday night first.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) has shown outraged by the conflicts. “We do not want the Turkish-Kurdish conflict will be held on German soil,” Herrmann said on Monday in Munich. “This is simply intolerable and a disgrace for our country.”


Herrmann evaluated the events as a confirmation of the negative attitude of the CSU towards visa facilitation for citizens of Turkey. “We have to look carefully, because who we let into our country, when we are talking about visa facilitation for Turkey,” warned Herrmann. “To let all Turks, including Kurds enter Germany is free, is by no means acceptable.”

On Sunday afternoon, according to police around 600 people had a demonstration under the slogan “Together against terror” connected, which had been notified by a Turk. The train was suddenly attacked by around 30 Kurds. When police went in between, an officer was hit by a firecracker on the head and slightly injured.

The attackers fled after in a house and refused any contact. From the roof of the house from stones and firecrackers were thrown at the officers, it said. The police called for reinforcements, and a police helicopter was in use. When the officers finally broke into the house, all individuals could be according to the police report resistance to arrest.

Prosecutors launched investigation on suspicion of serious breach of the peace, attempted a dangerous assault and violations of the Assembly Act.