Menderes makes in flat with compulsive hoarding charm Ortega wins

Having already Thorsten Legat, Ricky Harris, Jürgen Milski and Sophia Wollersheim presented in the first edition of “Jungle specials” her impressive cooking skills to the test, was on Easter Sunday, the king himself the honor. Together with “Top Model” Nathalie people, popular figure Helena Prince and Intelligenzbestie David Ortega jungle king Menderes Bagci delivered a fierce battle for the best menu and the illustrious intellect (both went at the end of the side dishes bread). For those who have switched over for fear of mental overwork by the wisdom of David Ortega in between the crime scene, here again all cooking performances at a glance. Befitting receives King Menderes his subjects in a magnificent 1-bedroom apartment with fine messie charm. A kitchen there seems so far not to give, but a dedicated host can not stop such trifles. In no time, and with a lot of “Come on” and “Never give up” the Ikea table are assembled and placed the mobile rings, and the chef magic can begin.

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For starters Menderes guests are first an ordinary sandwich. Their preparation made in advance unfortunately for a bloody incident in cutting the tomatoes, the Handyman Mendi but knew doctoring professionally using Zewa and parcel tape. The following is a main course of potato, broccoli and canned tomatoes, which could compete with any Mecklenburg Youth, and for dessert a lovingly mashed banana, gourmets David Ortega immediately knows to appoint expert: “This tastes like that is of the Babys..wie the? porridge! ” And Mash finds David super what Menderes introduces its first 8 points. Nathalie and Helena awarded after all, a 7 and a 6, bringing the Jungle King solid 21 presents 30 possible points.

Instead of such Menderes to tinker own kitchen, David Ortega used the dear friend and keeps improve the practicability equal all his dinner in his apartment from. However, this does not detract from its qualities as a host. And so David conjures nimble as Jamie Oliver himself a traditional Spanish menu on the plates of his enthusiastic guests – classic catalan flavored with ketchup and Miracoli spice.

For dessert there is a delicious soy milk soup with berries and chia seed deposit, which is served as a special eye-candy in a hollowed pineapple. Just awesome! The find also other blackheads and distribute each lush 9 points, David Ortega but actually brings the guide. And you have to honestly say that we had imagined it even worse!

On the third evening Nathalie invites to Soltau into the Volk’sche family residence. As a special treat waiting there a “of apparatus” of vodka and lychee juice and for some unknown reason specially delivered from Jungle collaborator Jenny Elvers napkins selection to the guests. As if that were not enough, Nathalie brings with her main course of rice and beans then even a good portion of Jungle nostalgia on the plate. For themselves and Kuschel-mate David there exists a beef, vegetarian and vegans Helena Menderes must make do with the side dishes. But that, after all, also worked in the jungle!
While Menderes very pleased with the high-fiber diet, Helena is rather piqued at the lack of vegetarian cooking creativity. Even the vegan tiramisu with soy curd it can not soften up because “soy makes you stupid and causes cancer.” This unfortunately makes only 6 points of the princess of darkness – with 9 of Menderes and David reached Nathalie but still decent 24 points. The best is well known, in the end, and so Vox has not let it naturally assume that cozy home from riot-Garant Helena Fürst as a venue for the final dinner showdown select. And since it goes as expected and again right around. While David and Nathalie while away with intense footsie under the table the time Menderes decorated around a bit and pulls so once the prince variable wrath. As a guest you are finally not here to have fun!

Despite fanatically defended table decoration can not completely convince Helena dinner at the end. Your pasta in mushroom sauce dissolves in David latent panics from (he is afraid to choke on the cream) and also the extra flown from Botox Boy Florian Sachertorte can rip out only slightly. So it remains at 22 points (4 of Nathalie, each 9 by David and Menderes) for Helena, and the victory goes to David Ortega and his Spanish Miracoli menu. And as a spectator one is after this marathon of head shaking almost a little relieved that the jungle camp comes only once a year.