Natural Bodybuilding A painful experience and training tips

Only cold. Then an eerie warmth that runs through my body. I hardly dare to look down on my finger. Tock. Tock. Tock. The Heat now gives way to a pulsating pain, the second by second is stronger. Intuitively I leave the barbell and my grip aids and make my fast my way past the other machines and weights in the washroom of the gym. The water in the sink turns red. Only after an eternity the cold water soothes the pain and gives me free look at my little finger of the right hand. Does not look good, I think, while mild nausea and dizziness get the better. Symptoms that remind me of my double rib fracture the lone course the Bundeswehr. That was 2001. Next Made I still – looking back irresponsible for me. Still, I have successfully completed. Helps me warmly but in this particular, new situation slightly.

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What happened? It is the first training session of my preparation for the German Championships in natural bodybuilding. Shoulder training. Last sentence. Neck press with the barbell. A little carelessness. The weight lands at the last repeat exactly on my hand. 60 kg in total. 20 years training. Nothing is ever happened to me. And now this! Large open comminuted fracture of the right small finger. That can not be true, I think, while the doctors in the emergency room patched up his finger. Is this the end of the preparation for the German Championship (Natural bodybuilding)? No never. Stubbornness against the doctors, great will and a special glove allow me that I train only two days later. What does such an exercise but actually from and how does it differ from other units possibly?

Tips for your training schedule

Your personal roadmap is a sophisticated training plan that is individual and varied. You should develop a routine one hand, but on the other hand also set new stimuli regularly. The balance between stress and recovery is the key to success.

Outside the competition season three to four workouts per week
Each training session between 70 and 90 minutes
Proposal: a large and a small muscle group in a workout workout, preferably agonist and antagonist – player and opponent muscle. Quiet also unconventional: the back and triceps together. Chest and biceps. Shoulders and calves
devoting an entire workout of leg muscles
Training with abdominal muscle and core exercises begin. Why? They are often forgotten or somehow usually done at the end. This area of ​​your body you are but the necessary stability
In general: Always put the exercises at the beginning, which does not make you supposedly so much fun
Work especially on your weaknesses.

Basic rules for strength endurance training

Maximum strength and endurance workouts alternate effectively during the training throughout the year from. A rule of thumb for the construction and resistance training applies:

Four different exercises per muscle group to be trained large (chest, back, legs), each with three sets of six to eight reps
Smaller muscle groups (biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves) require three different exercises in three sets
Set pause for about 90 seconds

The strength workout, you should add approximately every twelve weeks your training. Other stress, other stimuli. Basic rules are here:

Three different exercises per muscle group
Three sets, each with 15 to 20 repetitions
Set break 60 seconds.

You can also install so-called super sets here. This means to combine without a break, for example, bench press and bicep curls or chin-ups and dips in a set. meet four weeks before you then re-entering the building workout. Very thick and thinner muscle fibers are hereby required systematically and alternately and give you the necessary, mature form of muscles.

You want to prepare for a competition?

If you wish to participate in a contest, get the above types of training of particular importance. A standard rule for a successful competition training does not exist. but you should be at least one year to take time for an optimal preparation, better a little more. Give yourself and your body the necessary time to the training stimuli not only to implement but also to adapt.

In this sense it is necessary to increase the power in the training sessions and the quality of the athletes body successively. The number of units can be increased to five to six per week – coupled with an endurance program that week can undertake strength training after twice to keep the metabolic activity above. This further promotes the breakdown of fat mass and makes your muscles look more defined and harder appear. but always general: Make it with fun and passion. Does not fit anything, do not give up, first change the path to the goal.

The preparations have paid off

My little left finger looks way today so out as if nothing ever happened to him. And my preparation was ultimately successful. Through Bronze at the German championships end of 2014 I qualified for a week later held World Cup in the United States and took there a significant for me sixth place.

Trophies and medals are a great confirmation, but instructive getting there was. I have learned through the intense training and hard contest diet again a lot about myself. I learn in every training session, with any exercise on a new, as I am convinced that you can learn out never. Whether generally during sports, at work or in life. The goal remains. But each day, each unit is different. Regardless of where you come from, and anywhere you want. Stay strong!