Now it gets serious for Heike Makatsch The Special episode of Freiburg

Heike Makatsch solve their first case. As new “Tatort” -Kommissarin they found in Freiburg. In Germany’s most southern city, the 44-year-old is chasing a pregnant Commissioner Ellen Berlinger a murderer – and are thus its debut in the ARD crime series. For the actress and also the transmitter is a test. The initial plan is only a consequence. Posted she is as “Crime Scene” special on Easter Monday (March 28), 20.15 in the ARD. Turn a sufficient audience, there might be a sequel.

“Five minutes Heaven”

“It is a case settled in a precarious environment,” says Makatsch for her first “scene”. The 90-minute long film, which was shot last summer in Freiburg, entitled “Five minutes sky”. The employees of a job center was murdered, strangled with a cable tie.

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The case is puzzling. And leading the new Commissioner through the city on the Black Forest. It’s a reunion 14 years she worked as a special investigator of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) in London, now she first returns to her hometown. And there met her past – including in the form of 15-year-old daughter that she left behind after the birth with their mother and the never since had contact.
Gesellschaftliche- and social conflicts are subject

Makatsch plays in “Tatort” a Commissioner with hard to durchschauendem character who is traveling as a loner – tough on the job, in private the opposite. The actress characterizes this film which is in addition to the criminal case, the character of Ellen Berlinger with personal problems and conflicts in the center.

Social and social conflicts are the theme. But occasionally, the film loses in details and secondary lines, the actual criminal case gets so easy to lose sight – and leaves the viewer question mark. Not only because the language in the “scene” of the Baden city sounds Swabian.
Film shows dark side of the Freiburg-Idylls

The new “scene” but resists the temptation to succumb to the famous Freiburg-Idyll. The case shows dark side and could play so well in any other big city. Although this is an event “Tatort”, it has become a classic thriller. Unlike about Hoku Ho and Christian Ulmen in Weimar that are in irregular intervals with “Tatort” -Specials holidays unconventional way and also rely on humor, Makatsch brings a conventional detective story to the screen.
“We all hope that it will be continued,”

Directed by Katrin in Freiburg Gebbe. Following her acclaimed feature debut “Tore Dances” is her first “scene”. Premiere has also Max Thommes. He is the assistant of the investigator. And plays unusual in “Tatort”, a commissioner in a wheelchair.

“We hope all that it will be continued,” says Katrin Gebbe. “The roles and stories are designed so that they have to be no fluke. It would be worth it to continue.” The Freiburg- for “Tatort” responsible Südwestrundfunk (SWR) will decide whether and how to proceed with the new investigator after the broadcast of the first Makatsch Falls.
Continued in another city

For use, however, the Commissioner would apply in a sequel probably in another city, says SWR telefilm boss Martina Zöllner. Because the venue of the premiere film is now occupied: After From the “Tatort” from Lake Constance Freiburg is starting next year regular location of the crime series.

The family epic “Legends of the Fall” was one of his biggest successes. Now the US author Jim Harrison is dead.

The American writer Jim Harrison, who for the film “Legends Of The Fall” returned the original book, is dead. The poet and author died Saturday at his winter home in the US state of Arizona, as his publishing house Grove Atlantic the CNN announced on Sunday. Harrison was 78 years old.

The author of some 40 works often made the American wilderness to setting his stories. He was an avid hunter, fisherman and hikers. Among his best known novels include the epic “Legends of the Fall”, which tells the story of a family in Montana. Mid-1990s, it came under the title “Legends of the Fall” in German cinemas.

The film was the breakthrough for the actor Brad Pitt, who played one of three sons on a farm shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. Anthony Hopkins starred in the role of father.

Harrison was also co-author of the script for the revenge drama “Revenge – A dangerous affair”, the 1990 film starring Kevin Costner and Anthony Quinn. Four years later, he worked on the script for the movie “Wolf – The animal in man” with Jack Nicholson.

His other book credits include “Dalva”, “Julip”, “True North” and the dark father-son drama “guilt. More recently, in March this year, his novel “The Ancient Minstrel” was published in the US from the publisher Grove Atlantic.