VW wants to keep customers loyalty bonus

Duisburg – In exhaust scandal wants VW disgruntled customers in Germany apparently appease with hefty discounts. As a survey of the CAR-Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen revealed is currently about a three-door Golf with 28 percent of discount on the list price. Background is a loyalty bonus of up to 2000 euros, which was granted in exchange of a VW used car and simultaneous purchase of a VW model. The program run initially until the end of April.

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“VW tried to counteract with the client frets program. Only no slump in new registrations seems the motto, “institute director Ferdinand Dudenhöffer said Monday. He also referred to high natural approvals from 32 percent of all new cars in February. In the VW discounts of industry expert also provides a response to the displeasure of German customers because of redress action in the United States, which did not exist in this country. Shortly after the announcement of the diesel VW scandal had granted US customers $ 1,000 on credit cards and vouchers.


Dudenhoeffer stressed VW fall out of the frame as a whole declined the discounts in the German market. In March 17.6 percent reduction was granted individually ordered new cars on average. The Protestant theologian Margot Käßmann warns of revenge against terrorists. In an interview with the Bild newspaper she answered the question, which is probably Jesus would say to terror: “Jesus left a challenge: Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! “Also, we should try to” the terrorists to meet in prayer and love, “the former EKD Council concludes.

I beg your pardon? Praying for terrorists? love killer? In the social networks Käßmann is showered for her statement with criticism. Many commentators want a bulit Christianity and none showing a heart for murderers.

The Christian message is to destroy

Even bishops report that they get a lot of letters in recent months, in which the sender call that the Church must show more strength and “let them play muscles” the.

But in addition to bishops should not get carried away. Religions are abused worldwide to fuel conflict and to spread hatred and violence. All the more necessary are churches and religious leaders who encourage such Margot Käßmann and Pope Francis to break the logic of hatred and not to respond to violence with violence.
This may seem at first glance disturbing and unworldly. But it is to destroy the object of Christianity to stand up for peace where retaliatory logic prevails to promote reason, when the emotions going through the roof and, indeed, to demand love, where revenge is the closest feeling.

Jesus asked for forgiveness, not for resistance

The Christian message was transverse to the common expectations and obvious emotions even 2000 years ago. On the cross, Jesus prayed with his last strength God to forgive his persecutors – “for they know not what to do”.

Had he threatened the Romans revenge and his followers invited to resist, the Christians would have been delivered to the Roman occupying power helpless and beaten quickly. Their movement would be long forgotten. The message of love and forgiveness, however, has proven to be a tremendous strength. Straight from the apparent weakness out Christianity has developed into a global religion.

Revenge lead to no good

Of course, the private prayer for terrorists does not replace the national fight against terror. The white Margot Kassmann. “The state must defend its citizens,” she says in the interview. The state must also do everything possible to attract terrorists to justice. Basis are the laws and the state constitution. Revenge should have no place in the state’s fight against terrorism.

Yet revenge are understandable reactions to terror and violence. Just as there are anger and grief. But the desire for revenge has rarely led to something good. Why then not even a matter of prayer? The private prayer changes at least the worshipers themselves. Anyone who enters into a dialogue with God, is even more calm and relaxed afterwards. These results come from scientific studies. It is worth a try.